You will need
  • Winchester screwdriver 3 sheet of A4 paper, knife
To start prepare all the necessary tool, namely 3 of the paper, a set of screwdrivers, thin, box for small items, a knife, Winchester. Next, you should Unscrew the hexagon Board control. It is a modern circuit Board on which the different integrated circuits, resistors, transistors and the like.
If you don't need more of this hard disk, then you can safely disassemble it for parts. However, it is worth noting that the hard drive is very quickly subjected to failures and breakdowns. If dust or water on the head can completely disrupt the process. So if you in the future, the disk will need to work, try to disassemble the hard drive on the table, pre-grated dust with a dry cloth.
Now remove the block of the reading (recording) of the magnetic heads. To do this, Unscrew the two screws on both edges of the device, and one screw that is in the middle.
Next, remove the disks from the hard disk drive. You need to Unscrew the four bolts that attach the spring-loaded plate. The motor base is attached to the body with three screws. Unscrew them with a Phillips screwdriver.
Inside the engine you will see several coils that are located around the core circumference. All coils are connected together and to the engine is four conductor. The rotor is affixed a permanent magnet, which causes the coil to create an electric field, and rotate. Gently pry with a screwdriver all the coils, and pull from the bracket. The magnet will also remove with a screwdriver.
Next, you will have a screw from the hard drive, which can perform various actions. At this point in time, the Internet presents a small number of ashtrays made out of a screw of the hard disk. You can find his application of this part. However, do not attempt to insert any parts from a disassembled hard drive to another hard drive.