Please note on the graphic organization of the text, probably encrypted words are highlighted in a different font or in big letters: But in REALISM, if you want, you will find the collusion with ISRAEL.
If the proposal consists of a set of words that are poorly connected to each other in meaning, it is possible that this is the anagram: I am the line, I live, measure acute. - The seven seas I see a sprout growth. In this case, in order to solve the anagram, it is necessary to try to rearrange the letters and syllables per word in a random order.
If you are not able on their own to decipher the anagram, then you could take advantage of the special online programs to decrypt your anagrams. They work very simply for CSOs to decipher the anagram, you need only to enter the text box the word or set of words which, in your opinion, the encrypted code. Most famous software designed for these purposes is called "Anagram" and is easy to find online.