Every woman wants for their child only the best. And what could be for a newborn baby better than breast milk? Nothing! Young moms are afraid that their child does not have enough milk that it is not greasy. But if a woman conceived a child, carried him and gave birth, then she will be able to feed him from her breast.

What problems can occur when feeding

First thing you need to learn how to attach the baby to the breast, then it will be convenient to suck and eat it as much as he needs. Apply the child is not on the clock, and on demand when asked baby. If you think milk is not enough, don't worry, it's coming when the baby suckles. A woman's body is designed so that milk is allocated as much as needed for the child. Try to relax when feeding your baby, and not to worry, then the milk is well produced, and the child will be easy to eat.

What all the same should pay attention to understand enough milk or not?

If the baby is eating but not gaining weight adequately, then you really have little milk. Your pediatrician says that the baby is underweight.
Also note to urinate of the child. If the baby urinates less than six times a day, it may also be due to malnutrition. In normal nutrition the child should urinate at least 6 times a day, urine should be transparent and almost odorless. And if you see that after feeding the baby is concerned, so he didn't finish.

What to do if you do not have enough milk

If the milk the baby really is not enough, you need to go to mixed feeding, that is, to give and chest, and blend. First give the baby the breast (both Breasts), and then finish feeding mixture. Between the lure mixture stand for three hours, and if the child will be asked at this time to eat, give him the breast. Remember that the more milk in the morning than in the evening. Definitely need to give the breast at night.

How much of a mixture

How to understand how much the child ate, how much of the mixture you need? First, you will need a few days to weigh the baby before and after feeding to see how much he eats milk. Your pediatrician should calculate the rate and to help with the selection of the mixture, and then, gradually, you can introduce artificial milk, starting with 10 ml and reaching the daily requirement.

Most importantly - do not give up, fight, increase lactation. Because no one blend will not replace human breast milk.