You need to prepare all medical instruments for the procedure: disposable syringe, antiseptic, medicine, sterile cotton, rubber elastic harness. After that, you carefully wash your hands and skin area of the body, which will be staged injection (a shot). Then treat with antiseptic the end of the medication vial and carefully open the vial, dial the desired amount of medication into the syringe. Remove all air bubbles from the syringe through the needle.
Prepare patient for the procedure, will comfortably seat him by the arm, put the oilcloth pillow. Apply a rubber tourniquet on the shoulder to 5 cm above from the elbow or the intended point of injection. Be sure to check the accuracy of overlapping elastic harness: the pulse at the radial artery should not be changed. Ask the patient several times to squeeze and unclench the fist. In the elbow crease with your finger feel for the vein.
Then thoroughly clean the skin over the vein and around it with a sterile cotton swab with alcohol, then about 5 cm below the intended point of puncture with the thumb of the left hand, pull on the soft tissue and the vein. The needle must be kept at a 45° angle, be sure to cut up along the vein at a distance of 1.5 cm from the intended point of injection.
Next, insert the needle under the skin, reducing its angle of inclination, so she was almost parallel to the skin, push the needle a little along the vein and enter the vein at the 1/3 length. Before the introduction of drugs pull the little plunger of the syringe itself - in the syringe you should see the blood, and then you are in Vienna.
Remove the tourniquet and ask the patient to unclench the fist, and then slowly inject the medicine into a vein. After injection, remove the needle from the vein, the injection press sterile cotton wool and ask the patient to bend the arm at the elbow for 3-5 minutes. The injection site can be dressed with sterile bandage. The procedure is completed.