You will need
  • a syringe;
  • Vata;
  • - solution for injection.
Acquire all drugs specified in the prescription, as well as syringes, often needs a volume of 5 ml. After everything is bought, start preparation for the procedure.
в какое место сбаке ставить укол
With the introduction of the injections the animals also need to observe basic rules of cleanliness, so wash your hands thoroughly with any soap. Join in the preparation of the medicine. If the drug is in powder form, then dilute it with distilled water or physical solution. Thoroughly shake the bottle and fill the solution into the syringe. All this is recommended when the dog sees. Some of the animals that ever in your life put shots, get nervous, and accordingly the process can be significantly complicated.
сделать крысе укол
If you are afraid that the dog may bite you - put her muzzle. Some dogs even love their masters, not doing it on purpose, but a reflex, so to be on the safe side.
обезболивающее для собаки
Determine the injection site of the injection. It is recommended to put an injection in the thigh muscle. Pull the hair and clean the skin with cotton wool soaked in either alcohol solution. This can not be done, but it's better to disinfect, to avoid inflammation.
как сделать внутримышечный укол кошке
Hold the syringe in your right hand and the left hand hold the dog. Quickly enter an injection and press on the puncture site with a cotton swab with alcohol. If the injection was delivered successfully, then the dog will easily relate to subsequent procedures. Do not forget to praise the dog after each shot.
как колоть наклофен котёнку?
After drug administration to watch out for animals. In some cases in dogs, the allergic reaction begins with the entered drug. If you notice that the dog became hard to breathe, whine, or behave in a strange way- immediately take the dog to the nearest veterinary clinic.