You will need
  • Screwdrivers flat and Phillips, two wrench 10 mm pliers, new burner.
Measure the diameter of the idle burners. In addition, inspect the condition of the outer metal ring located between the cover and the appliance burner. If it is damaged, it must be purchased along with a new burner, which must be installed instead of the faulty.
Disconnect the power supply plate. Open the top cover of the stove, pre-accelerated the screws holding it to the housing.
Unscrew the nut from the metal rod that is screwed into the housing of the faulty burners. Disconnect the grounding wire. Pin must be completely free from the fastener in order to be able to easily remove the bracket or the casing. The bracket or casing remove the pin holding the ring hand with the other hand.
Squeeze the burner from the inside out, holding her hand, close the cover. Put the burner on the cover. If the ring is damaged – remove it. If the ring fit, let it remains on the housing cover plate. If the old ring was removed, a new ring put the new ring and put it next to the old so that the contacts on both the burners on top.
Alternately disconnect the wires from the contacts with the old burners, in the same manner adding one for a new burner. In this case, you will not get confused in the order of the contacts, and the new burner will be connected in the same way as the old one.
Install the burner back on and open the housing cover plate, pressing the ring to the lid by hand. Hold the burner, put on the pin mounting the cover or the clip, focusing on the neighboring burners. Screw them. Attach the ground wire.
Close the cover. Check exactly whether the installed burner. If necessary, correct. The bolts holding the cover in place. Then connect the cooker and check whether the newly installed burner.