You will need
  • coaxial cable, portable radios or mobile phones.
Effective height of the antenna is one of the most important parameters that determine its sensitivity. Therefore, to improve reception , raise the antenna as high as possible above the ground, regardless of whether it is on radio or television.
If the antenna is aimed, try to reinstall it so that between it and the signal source there is no interference. Such obstacles can be tall buildings or other structures, power lines and so on. You can try to fine-tune the direction to the source signal. You can use the assistance of an observer, a control signal at the receiver. For communication it is possible to use a portable radio or mobile phone.
If you have a directional antenna with a flat polarization (type "Wave channel" and the like), check the polarization of the received signal. Configure it according to the data obtained. For this you need to rotate the antenna about an axis aimed at the signal source. Often simply try to rotate your antenna by 90°.
The efficiency of the antenna can be improved by the antenna amplifier. But in this case, the gain limit is set by the noise level. To reduce their level use shielded reduced, that is, the antenna is best to connect using coaxial cable.
The efficiency of the antenna, especially when receiving long, medium and short wavelengths can be improved by installing additional ground. It should also be borne in mind that the antenna must be matched in impedance to the input circuit of the radio. That is, it is necessary to connect the type and brand of cable recommended in the instructions to the receiver or TV.