Complete all fields of the hospital sheetand ink from hands, use one color to fill the started sheetand incapacity for work (purple, blue, or black). Of course, if one opens a hospital, the doctor, and closes the other, the color ink may vary. The current law allows it, a sheetof OK disability will be accepted for payment.
Don't forget that when you make the column "work location", the word "basic" is emphasized only in the case of a woman of at least two employers. Drop all entries without cuts, and in the cause of disability emphasize "leave for pregnancy and childbirth" and duplicate the same handwritten words in the recipe specify what the term disability. Usually it is 140 calendar days-70 days before childbirth and 70 after birth. However, the law provides for the cases where childbirth can have a complicated course (e.g., was the place a caesarean section), in this situation, the postpartum period of temporary disability is increased by 16 days and is 86 calendar days. And if you have a multiple pregnancy 194 days and the hospital sheet issued already on 28 week of pregnancy.
Corrections and deletions were confirmed with the words "corrected to believe", your signature and seal your healthcare institution. But note that one form should not be more than two patches. Otherwise, you will need to write and issue a new sick leave sheet.
Put on the front side of the sheetka of disability in the upper right corner stamp of the medical institution, and a triangular print in the lower right corner.