To get rid of complexes, one must first understand that they are practically at each person. Even famous stars and politicians too, they are available, they just hide them better. Realizing that is not so scary, it will be possible to deal with them further.
Try to look at the world from the other side. Perhaps what you consider complex, in the eyes of other people is not. For example, you believe that you have non-standard, unattractive appearance. Try to present it as your distinctive feature, which no one else has. Many people use it successfully, i.e. their shortcomings, they are presented as a part of his personality.
If the complexes are associated with problems in communication here will help special courses. Don't know how or are afraid to get acquainted with the opposite sex, sign up for courses pick-up. If fear and lack of confidence in public speaking, believe that do not know how to convince the interlocutor, pass courses of oratorical skill. Courses aimed at developing personal and leadership qualities, will help you to properly present yourself competently and confidently Express their thoughts, defend their positions.
Many people have complexes related to the fact that they are afraid to take the initiative, fear of excessive liability. To cope with such a complex, it is necessary to act to the contrary. For example, you never showed himself at work, and now gather up your confidence and try to offer some new idea in a good cause, take in the work of an unusual project, etc. it is Clear that at first it will be very difficult, you will feel that you have nothing. But the main thing at this stage - not to lose faith in their own strength and desire to overcome my complex.
If you feel that you yourself still can not cope, you should seek the assistance of a specialist who will help you to get rid of the problem.