In order to overcome their isolation, try to understand yourself and figure out why you have this trait. If the reason is that you, for example, are ashamed of their appearance or shape, you need to learn to accept and love yourself just the way you are. For this, it is often necessary to look in the mirror, paying attention to its merits.
Take care of yourself, for example, get a haircut or a manicure, do masks – all this will gradually give you confidence in your appearance. Do not hesitate to wear beautiful clothes, we should not clothe themselves in dull sweaters and old jeans. Watch your gait and posture.
As often isolation is associated with lack of confidence as a person, when you seem to be somewhat worse than the other, it is necessary to solve this problem. Rate yourself objectively, consider, for example, how good you are as you are as wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. Understand that all around something you value – this will be a good step in the struggle with their own isolationYu.
Extortion's own facilities, you start to meet more often with other people. Start with your close friends and expand your circle of contacts.
During a conversation with a man learn to look confidently in the eyes. At first to do it will be quite difficult, so force yourself and celebrate each achievement in communicating with others. Feel free to Express their point of view even if it differs from the other – this will underline your personality and will give you more confidence. It is not necessary to overreact and to turn the conversation into an argument. Just learn how to Express their opinions without criticizing others.
Breaking your isolation you will become more confident and successful, will get the respect of other people, will find many new friends and feel how much easier it will become to communicate.