People possessing the qualities that help in life to solve various problems, suffer less from suspicion. So try to communicate more, increase your self-confidence. Find a exercise that will help you to experience inner integrity.
Do not focus on their shortcomings. Think about the advantages. Play them at the right time to others.
If there are problems, do not remain alone with them. Talk to relatives, friends. You will be surprised how easier on soul. Trouble will cease to seem so intractable.
To overcome mistrust, change the way of thinking habits. For example, start to give a smile to passers-by. In the morning move negative thoughts. Make positive setting. For example, "I want to look around" or "I will be kind to everyone, regardless of circumstances." So you can all day keep a good mood.
Learn to relate with humour to our shortcomings and fears. At the first sign of trouble, imagine a good ending. Laugh at his fears. If you don't like your nose, draw it on paper in a funny form and attach in a prominent place. Convert their problems into a drawing is a great therapy.
Are you sure that colleagues are spreading rumors behind your back, and passers-by laugh at your hairstyle and manner of dress? In reality, however, may be different. Perhaps the man remembered something funny from your life and smiled to it. And you took into your account. If someone really curse in your direction, do not pay attention. Really happy and satisfied with life people do not spend time on gossip.
In the fight against mistrust learn to think rationally. Not negative emotions to take up. Thus, gradually you will come to knowing how to live without fear. Do something interesting, new. Enroll in a circle with the same interests. It can be a drawing, fitness, swimming. Start, end, plan a vacation. Soon the problems that were for you significant, will only smile and the world will sparkle with new colors.