Look at yourself from the side, to represent, as you can see around you. This exercise will help you to make sure that a grown man without his own opinion, capricious, flighty, with the habits of the child, may cause irritation or laughter. If you do not want to you and then treated leniently, start to work on your own inner attitudes.
Develop a clear position on every vital aspect that you care about. Think about what you want out of life. Form your system of principles. Understand yourself. If you still difficult to navigate in the external world independently, select the authority for itself - a great scientist, politician or other person. Read the biography of his idol and think about what position this person is close to you in spirit.
Broadens the mind. Try to be aware of the political, economic situation in the country and the world. It is important not just to know what is happening in society, but to be able to see the true background of the events and to understand what changes may soon occur. Stop living in your world, be aware of what is happening around you.
Get rid of naivete. Look critically at yourself, your lifestyle and the people around you. Get rid of illusions. Do not take for granted the words of others, check the facts. Incorporate critical thinking. Remember that you should not blindly trust others. Think about what your own motives might be your friends or colleagues, and then go meet them. Don't be fooled.
Become an independent person. Be aware of the responsibility for their own lives. Try to support themselves. Stop someone hope. Only rely on their own strength. Perhaps, then, you'll have to rethink many of the habits from something to give. But in return, you get a sense of freedom and independence.
Keep your word. If given a promise to someone, do not be fooled by someone else's trust. Let the surrounding perceive you as a serious, reliable person. Thanks to this habit, you will cease to empty talk, become more thoughtful person. You have to change the attitude to yourself, your words and actions.
Learn how to Express their point of view. Use the exact argument. Present the proven facts in a logical sequence. During the discussion try not only to present its case, but also to listen to opponents. The ability to understand others and to realize their own mistakes separates a serious man from the childish, stubborn personality.
Control your emotions. An adult is distinguished from child restraint. In some situations, for example, in a public place or at work, it is not permissible violent expression of their feelings, especially negative ones. Take care of yourself. Do not allow yourself to lose your temper in front of others.