Advice 1: How to stop being infantile

Infantilism is not to face an adult. Because of this quality, others do not perceive it as a Mature person, don't consider him seriously. If you want to become more adapted to life and self, work on yourself.
Become more Mature
Look at yourself from the side, to represent, as you can see around you. This exercise will help you to make sure that a grown man without his own opinion, capricious, flighty, with the habits of the child, may cause irritation or laughter. If you do not want to you and then treated leniently, start to work on your own inner attitudes.
Develop a clear position on every vital aspect that you care about. Think about what you want out of life. Form your system of principles. Understand yourself. If you still difficult to navigate in the external world independently, select the authority for itself - a great scientist, politician or other person. Read the biography of his idol and think about what position this person is close to you in spirit.
Broadens the mind. Try to be aware of the political, economic situation in the country and the world. It is important not just to know what is happening in society, but to be able to see the true background of the events and to understand what changes may soon occur. Stop living in your world, be aware of what is happening around you.
Get rid of naivete. Look critically at yourself, your lifestyle and the people around you. Get rid of illusions. Do not take for granted the words of others, check the facts. Incorporate critical thinking. Remember that you should not blindly trust others. Think about what your own motives might be your friends or colleagues, and then go meet them. Don't be fooled.
Become an independent person. Be aware of the responsibility for their own lives. Try to support themselves. Stop someone hope. Only rely on their own strength. Perhaps, then, you'll have to rethink many of the habits from something to give. But in return, you get a sense of freedom and independence.
Keep your word. If given a promise to someone, do not be fooled by someone else's trust. Let the surrounding perceive you as a serious, reliable person. Thanks to this habit, you will cease to empty talk, become more thoughtful person. You have to change the attitude to yourself, your words and actions.
Learn how to Express their point of view. Use the exact argument. Present the proven facts in a logical sequence. During the discussion try not only to present its case, but also to listen to opponents. The ability to understand others and to realize their own mistakes separates a serious man from the childish, stubborn personality.
Control your emotions. An adult is distinguished from child restraint. In some situations, for example, in a public place or at work, it is not permissible violent expression of their feelings, especially negative ones. Take care of yourself. Do not allow yourself to lose your temper in front of others.

Advice 2: How to stop being a child

Maturity is often expressed in the ability of a person to conduct themselves in stressful situations, characteristic of adult life. Adult child's more likely to behave impulsively, not realizing in their actions. Modern society dictates to all its members special requirement, when people need to stop being a child as soon as possible and in youth to take their place under the sun, demonstrating appropriate behavior, so it is important to grow up as soon as possible.
How to stop being a child
You will need
  • Clean bedroom
  • Paint and brushes
  • Supplies for the repair
  • Business (work, University, etc.)
  • Notepad
  • Handle
The first step to stop being a child – organization of personal space. Try to rid your room of all inappropriate adult things – posters, plush toys, dolls, model cars etc. Paint the walls of your room in "serious" neutral color. Leave the room only the necessary furniture – bed, Desk, chair, wardrobe.
Organize your closet. Throw all the worn-out, favorite childhood sweaters, remove from the Cabinet all the t-shirts with "fun" applications, etc. Leave a few sets of casual clothes, one in which you look more serious and older. Try to complement your wardrobe more formal outfits.
To stop being a child, begin to Wake up every day in the "working" time is between 7-9 am. You should be able to do it yourself, without any help. To choose suitable for routine clothing, and independently bring it into the proper condition (washing, Ironing).
Mature people daily ensures that his bed remained dressed in the morning, by yourself changes the linen, washes dishes, tidies up his room and the workplace. Choosing independence from parents and anyone in the organization your life, you demonstrate your maturity. If you don't know how to perform a particular responsibility at home, just ask for it once someone close to you to tell you how it's done.
Stop being a baby helps the new style to start the day. Each morning cheerfully greet members of his family. Prepare and eat your Breakfast, wash dishes. If you notice that you need to clear the table dishes or garbage – make it without reminders from adults.
Practice Mature behavior when someone tries to provoke you. The first reaction of your mind to such actions will be instinctive impact, protection. However, when you manage to grow up, you will be more thoughtfully to respond to attempts to hurt you.
Accept the fact that you can something I do not know is evidence of your growing up. Observe the behavior of other adults and try to ask questions when you don't understand their actions, but do not abuse this opportunity. Trying to hide their ignorance on any issue is evidence of infantilism.

Advice 3: How to stop living someone else's life

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to live someone else's life instead of his. In the end only one life, and entirely to spend it on another man though honorable, but quite a shame.
How to stop living someone else's life
First, let's define what exactly is meant by living someone else's life. As a rule, it is a profound part in the life of a loved one, adoption for him the important decisions, ongoing support, and assistance in solving problems. It would seem, nothing wrong with that. But in fact, this way of acting leads to two unpleasant effects. First, your subject loses the ability to independence, and secondly, you are wasting your is not infinite time, not for themselves but for someone else. Of course, this is the easiest way to solve human problems, to whose fate you care, but not the most correct.
Start living someone else's life just. Several times put their interests below other people, and you're done! Discard important meeting for therapeutic conversations being sad with a friend, take a vacation to help a friend with a repair, will atrocites work and help to ex-girlfriend move a couch - the options are many, but the result is the same. You will begin to experience genuine pleasure even from someone else's gratitude, and awareness of the nobleness and beauty of their actions. The trouble is that by so doing you will probably destroy your own life, career, plans.
Learn to refuse. To say "no" initially very difficult, but to learn this you must. Remember, how much of your time you spent on the problems of others, not because you needed it, but simply because of the inability to say no. As a rule, active participation in other people's lives is associated with low self-esteem, the need depending on you. If this is true in your case, try to find other ways to improve your beliefs about yourself. For example, make a successful career, win the contest, write a book - in General, do something for yourself.
By the way, self-improvement, paradoxically, is the best way not only to live his own life, but to help others. Give them the opportunity to realize that you're no different, and in their power to achieve the same success as you. Perhaps they will turn to you for advice, but this is another aid: not a pointless part in the unsuccessful cases, and support on ways to improve. In order to be able to help and advise, you have to be better than those whom we help. More successful, wealthier, more educated, and happier, because otherwise it does not help, and a crime against ourselves.
Dependent people will try to accuse you of being selfish and heartless, but a healthy ego and the attention to own life is of good quality, take them as a compliment.
Useful advice
Help your friends so that they too had to participate in his life. For example, instead of taking without end to take them money, help to find a new job.

Advice 4: Who is the childish person

Infantilism common phenomenon in modern society. Paradoxically, the more demanding becomes the modern world to those who make the decisions, the brighter around you can see how many infantile people fleeing from responsibility for making any decisions at all.
Robbie Williams as Peter pan in "Captain Hook"
"Dodik, Dodik, go home! – Mom, well, can I still go play for a bit? – No. Go home. – Mom, am I cold? – No. You want to eat!" - this classic anecdote could not be better reflects the essence of the origins and content of infantilism.

Beautiful word "infant" is translated as "child." The word beautiful, but that's life with an adult child is never serene and fraught with a lot of stress and frustration. Infante was not - far from it. His partner, tasted all the delights of living together.

Infantile man is the eternal child. With all the beautiful bouquet characteristic of children from three to five: egocentrism, narcissism, irresponsibility and hysteria. But if only it was limited to the character of a classic childish. Unfortunately, they also tend to be the features inherent in teenagers in puberty: negativity, life-negation-affirmation at a constant, easy excitability and conscious insulation.

Novarossi children

"Oh, children, children! So great is their faith in mother's love, that it seemed to them that they can afford to be a little more heartless!" (James Barry. Peter Pan)

Peter pan, the hero of old nursery tales, classic representative navyaschevoy teenager, moreover, that refuse to grow up, provoking his actions on inappropriate response, selfish, often indifferent, irritable, arrogant, but requires exceptional attention. Peter pan - the infantile archetype of the modern person.

As a rule, infantilism is a consequence of modern education. In other historical periods, due to family and tribal way of life, the children almost from infancy taught to be responsible for their actions and for the welfare of the family. The modern way certainly is good that facilitates our everyday life and thus blurs the boundaries of responsibility for the survival ones from his childhood before the dilemma of making immediate decisions on which depends not only the welfare but the lives of the whole family.

A few years ago an American anthropologist Carolina Izquierdo of the University of California published a paper which touched on the topic of growing up on the juxtaposition of archaic and modern education. In this work she described two situations: the first is the attitude to education of 6-year-old child in the Peruvian Matsigenka tribe living in the Amazon, where Caroline spent the next few months, the second – scenes from the life of an ordinary American family.

So the first situation: one day, the tribe members moved in dvuhmetrovoy "expedition" to gather food for the tribe. A little girl of 6 years asked me to took him. Even though she did not have a clear defined role in the tribal community, she became a full and useful member of the expedition: carried sleeping mats, were caught, cleaned and cooked crayfish for all members of the expedition, independently having made the decision to do it. She was calm, Mature, and demanded nothing for himself.

The second situation is from the work of anthropologist refers to the life of a normal American middle class family: 8-year-old girl, not finding next to a plate of cereal device for ten minutes I sat and waited for her to give, and a 6 year old boy at this time persuaded his father to untie his shoelaces for sneakers.

The main features of infantilism

Infantilism may be congenital, but most often it is acquired and depends on education. Adult infantile person is a tragedy first and foremost for his family, for his family members if he manages to make such. But in the sphere of industrial relations infantile people not be called a gift.

Infantile people tend to exhibit emotional immaturity, he's unreliable, irresponsible, and avoids making any decisions, happy to be shifting responsibility to others. Infantile fixated on themselves and they only care about their own whims and purposes, although they can be quite successfully hide behind fancy words or even by deeds, but, alas, they are based in any case is concerned only about personal convenience, prosperity and satisfaction. As a rule, they almost always find someone who solves their problems, looks after and takes "under the wing".

But how attractive are infantile – the eternal children! They are as different as they are attractive and beautiful, like Peter pan and Carlson – archetypes-representatives infantile individuals: their element – the eternal celebration of life, which give attention and gifts.

That, and to have fun they not only love, but also know how no one and if life was always just a holiday, it is the best companion for this and not found: the infantile man fun guaranteed to... To the first decision – he was cold or hungry. And if you're ready for him to make all subsequent decisions – forward to the eternal tale, in which the further, the worse.
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