The first step is to think less about their fears and frustrations. We must once and for all forget the phrase "I will", to drive away negative thoughts about what you are unfortunate, ugly and not successful. Instead, you should consider what kind of person you would like to become what to achieve and how to do it.
Find yourself good quality. Surely you have some Hobbies or talents that can be developed and to draw that attention to themselves. If you know how to knit, draw, burn, or something else, create a blog and post there pictures of their creations. Undoubtedly, there are many like-minded people who will appreciate your work and sincerely praise him. And you will be able to learn something new, and expand the circle of communication.
Don't be afraid of people. Maybe they too, in the soul unsure of yourself, but try to keep your emotions in check and deal with it. If you have "idol" among others to whom you would like to be like, think about why people became such and how to do it. Just avoid deep-copying behavior and the way it looks ridiculous.
Enjoy what you always wanted to do. Wanted to sing, but had doubts about hearing and vote – sign up for vocal lessons. Wanted to dance in the spotlight – go to at least one lesson in dance. Imagined myself on the ship – reward yourself with a cruise trip. And maybe you will be an excellent traveler with a beautiful voice and will be able to waltz aboard the ship.
Rehearse in front of a mirror any output on the audience, thinking through what you say and how you will stay. Report on the seminar? – You already learned at home and is not afraid of questions from the audience. Report to management? – You did everything right and brought all the arguments of the smooth confident voice. Meeting with your loved one? – You are ready! Steady hands and words are not confused.
Pay no attention to the ridicule or sarcastic replica of other people. This shows weakness, therefore it is not necessary to dwell on it. On the contrary, pass by, proudly straightening her back and smiling.
Don't drown your sorrows and complexes in alcohol under sad dreary songs. Instead, most look funny and kind films and comedies. After all, if a person has a good mood, it is open to dialogue, positive and attracts others.