Stereotypes – how do they manifest?

Analyze, subject to your life stereotypes. For example, if you look at the stranger and assessing gender, age, clothing, safe to say that the person in front of you, what are the qualities of his character, material prosperity, health, etc.? If so, then you use stereotypical thinking. An elderly person you will be credited with frail health due to his age, in fact, can live more than a dozen years, and modestly-dressed man will be a millionaire, not seeking to flaunt their wealth. And such erroneous judgments can be very much.

Another glaring example of stereotypical thinking is forecasting a familiar situation for previous life experience. For example, you offer a new, better paying job. You, you have guided the prevailing stereotypes, pre-concluded that there will be difficult – you will find a big responsibility, lazy subordinates, etc. Scrolling in mind this model for your future, and you waive the best deals. Do not even assume the reality would be quite different, far more rosy and bright.

How to deal with stereotypes?

Deciding to get rid of stereotypes, start to gradually change your view of the world. You firmly believe that to solve the situation can only be so and not otherwise? Let the idea that she has something other than your submissions, the decision is much more beautiful and original. The ability to think outside the box is highly valued in large companies, employees with this mindset go on leading management positions.

Learn not to pass judgment. Any judgment is a label that restricts freedom of perception. Try this exercise: go down the street, not in a hurry, and just look at the world, not evaluating what he saw. That is not mentally comment on what you see, just look. What does this give you? You will see the world for what it is. The people around you will cease to be pupils, students, pensioners, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, etc.

A gradual withdrawal from the stereotypes of perception will give you a number of advantages. You will begin to notice the many absurdities that previously seemed quite normal and natural. You'll be more likely to smile and laugh. You will no longer be influenced by advertising. Finally, you will be much better to feel. That feeling, and not to judge by appearance. Just by looking at the person, you will be able to immediately understand what it represents and what we can expect from him. This recognition occurs on an energetic level, you will be impossible to deceive, to mislead.

Track your movement - and you will see how many of them are stereotypical. A simple example: due to some accident had disconnected the electricity supply. You know what it is not, however, routinely pull the hand to the light switch entering the room. Such actions performed automatically, very much. Identify them, enter all what you are doing in the field of mindfulness. This will not only help break down stereotypes, but also give you a big boost of energy, vitality, optimism. You will learn to live in the present moment, seeing it in its entirety, habitual thinking patterns will gradually go into oblivion.