Advice 1: How to get rid of stereotypical thinking

Many people live in captivity of stereotypes. Some, believing that they know the outcome in advance, refuse from many fine features, the other dependent on false judgments. Stereotypes interfere with looking at the world without fear or prejudice, so to get rid of them.
How to get rid of stereotypical thinking

Stereotypes – how do they manifest?

Analyze, subject to your life stereotypes. For example, if you look at the stranger and assessing gender, age, clothing, safe to say that the person in front of you, what are the qualities of his character, material prosperity, health, etc.? If so, then you use stereotypical thinking. An elderly person you will be credited with frail health due to his age, in fact, can live more than a dozen years, and modestly-dressed man will be a millionaire, not seeking to flaunt their wealth. And such erroneous judgments can be very much.

Another glaring example of stereotypical thinking is forecasting a familiar situation for previous life experience. For example, you offer a new, better paying job. You, you have guided the prevailing stereotypes, pre-concluded that there will be difficult – you will find a big responsibility, lazy subordinates, etc. Scrolling in mind this model for your future, and you waive the best deals. Do not even assume the reality would be quite different, far more rosy and bright.

How to deal with stereotypes?

Deciding to get rid of stereotypes, start to gradually change your view of the world. You firmly believe that to solve the situation can only be so and not otherwise? Let the idea that she has something other than your submissions, the decision is much more beautiful and original. The ability to think outside the box is highly valued in large companies, employees with this mindset go on leading management positions.

Learn not to pass judgment. Any judgment is a label that restricts freedom of perception. Try this exercise: go down the street, not in a hurry, and just look at the world, not evaluating what he saw. That is not mentally comment on what you see, just look. What does this give you? You will see the world for what it is. The people around you will cease to be pupils, students, pensioners, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, etc.

A gradual withdrawal from the stereotypes of perception will give you a number of advantages. You will begin to notice the many absurdities that previously seemed quite normal and natural. You'll be more likely to smile and laugh. You will no longer be influenced by advertising. Finally, you will be much better to feel. That feeling, and not to judge by appearance. Just by looking at the person, you will be able to immediately understand what it represents and what we can expect from him. This recognition occurs on an energetic level, you will be impossible to deceive, to mislead.

Track your movement - and you will see how many of them are stereotypical. A simple example: due to some accident had disconnected the electricity supply. You know what it is not, however, routinely pull the hand to the light switch entering the room. Such actions performed automatically, very much. Identify them, enter all what you are doing in the field of mindfulness. This will not only help break down stereotypes, but also give you a big boost of energy, vitality, optimism. You will learn to live in the present moment, seeing it in its entirety, habitual thinking patterns will gradually go into oblivion.

Advice 2: How to get rid of fears and insecurities

Man a lot of this, it is surrounded by the opportunity to establish a personal life, get a job, to raise the standard of living. However, not everyone is able to accept gifts of fate. The reason — fears and self-doubt. To get pleasure from life, this negativity must be overcome.
How to get rid of fears and insecurities
Dealing with fears is necessary to begin with them awareness. To do this, select a convenient time when you will not be disturbed. Stay alone with yourself, dim the light. Create a relaxing atmosphere. Close your eyes and think what worries you the most, what prevents you to live in peace.
Apply an effective psychological technique. Imagine that what you fear has already happened. Relive it in minute detail, consider how this can happen and what will happen then. The most important is to determine what you can take in response to frightening you development. For example, you fear of losing a job. Imagine that it's already happened. What do you do then? The focus at this stage of reflection, in the future, when the fear mentally back to him.
Try to restructure their thinking. Fears always belong to the future, when thought draws unwanted events that can happen and can be avoided. Try to live in the here and now.
To get rid of uncertainty, psychological exercises are not enough. The uncertainty is based on the fact that subconsciously the person believes that he is not good enough. This may relate both to relations with the opposite sex, and class positions to achieve a certain status, etc. constantly train in the area where you want to feel confidence in their abilities: often meet on the street, deepen professional skills, etc.
Find a way to strengthen our forces. For example, if you are an artist but self-doubt prevents you from taking serious orders, start by making small jobs. An important nuance is that these little jobs you should be doing not for himself but for the customer. Thereby you will train their minds to bigger tasks.
The famous psychologist Carl Jung argued that to overcome fears without faith in God impossible.

Advice 3: How to get rid of cockroaches in my head

"Cockroaches in the head"is a negative thought, habitually spinning in your brain, your inner monologue. Day-to-day chew the cud of the words can bring the person to stress. There are tricks to help get rid of those pesky "insects".
How to get rid of cockroaches in my head
You will need
  • - rebuild your thinking;
  • - a notebook;
  • - handle;
  • - meditation;
  • pronunciation of affirmati aloud;
  • - development of emotions/
Do some deprogramming – "rebuild" your brain, clean it from unnecessary garbage. Get rid of beliefs is spinning in the head of programmes, spoiling the mood and prevents live. Destroy subliminal commands like: "All the freaks", "I'm afraid of the beautiful people", "I am guilty", "Laziness was born before me", "I must work", "Soon I will go around the world with your wallet" and many others, often unknowingly and ridiculous.
Keep in mind that the "cockroaches" have the power, yet they associated with any unconscious emotions. To subconscious the program ceased to operate, it is necessary to remove the emotional charge. For this you need to understand the emotion, to translate it from the subconscious to the conscious, fully having gone through it.
In order to pull his unpleasant emotions, use the technique of "intuitive writing." He is keeping a personal diary in which every day you should record the manifestation of another "cockroach" and look for the reason for it. For example, your diary may contain the following entry: "Today I was rude to mother-in-law, saying that her son is a wuss. My roach: all men make a lot of money, and my husband least of all". "The emotion that feeds my cockroach: envy. I'm terribly jealous of my neighbor, whose husband gave on the day of the birth of an expensive car". Next, you must realize that envy is a destructive feeling? and "crush" this "cockroach".
Meditate, if you can't get rid of the "cockroaches in the head" method of intuitive writing. Sit back, relax, turn the phones off, turn on relaxation music and passively observe your thoughts. Catch the "cockroaches" and don't let them spin a ball of endless monologue. Ask them to be quiet. Imagine how you press them. Here can help the following affirmations: "I am absolutely calm and free from any dogmas," "My brain works good for me", "My mind is clean and transparent, like a baby," "Now I don't think anything", "I'm never going to experience anger, envy, greed and fear", etc.
Release your emotions. Try to feel what's on your mind. Imagine what could happen in the worst case turn of events. Relive it, you can even cry if you want. Freed from these emotions you have all experienced and "worked".
Try to listen to less people. That is to listen to them? of course? necessary, but not worth all too close to take to heart. And if you are trying to convince "another cockroach", do not fall, keep their point of view.
Useful advice
Ask for help to the experienced therapist, if you yourself can't get rid of the "cockroaches" in the head.

Advice 4: How to get rid of conspiracy

The fashion for grandmothers psychics and fortune tellers, has acquired such a scale that even the most sober-minded people rushed to direct, to remove the damage. In fact, the plot is the usual suggestion, which is a greater problem for the person who orders and leads, than the one to whom it moves.
Believe in yourself and not in the conspiracy
Read the articles about primitive societies, primitive forms of thinking. Shaman pretended that with the help of a conspiracy to cause a fire. In fact, in the right place was hidden smoldering embers. Now no one would believe that the reading of some texts or rambling sentences, you can change the material. It is easy to check. But in the field of relations faith in conspiracies becomes frightening scale. Having understood the principles of the fire, people stopped being afraid of the shamans that cause them. If you understand how to apply the conspiracy, why these rites of self-hypnosis are successful mostly have minded ladies, you too will be able to avoid their impact on themselves.
Understand that the conspiracy is self-hypnosis weak. To plotm women (rarely men) who have exhausted all means to influence the situation in a personal communication. The basis of the conspiracy is usually the envy which is a sin in most religions. In a secular society, envy is called a Vice. With the help of a conspiracy losers trying to Rob more successful people made money, love, lover, etc.
Examine the principle of operation of protective psychological mechanisms. This will help you to consult a psychologist or good literature in psychology. Our mind has a system of protection of its integrity from injury and damage. These protections are, if you say, roughly, "useful" and "useless". Useful or adequate protection to take us to a new level of relations, helping to overcome problems, to resolve conflicts. Useless protection is often inadequate and unconstructive. Their goal is to ease fear, frustration or other negative emotions. But they do not lead to solving the problem. Conspiracy – it is the self, which is done by reading texts and ritual actions. Or is the suggestion from some grandmother or psychic. At the time, it helps the victim feel more relaxed, more strong and significant. But time passes, people who curse you, alive and unharmed, his circumstances of life only improved, and the victim continues to believe in otherworldly forces. In most cases, conspiracy – only earnings for the charlatans, which does not solve the problem of who orders it.
Be bold, believe that protection of conspiracies within you. If you are a believer, look for prayer against the evil eye, they are in every religion. If you are an atheist, can write a short affirmation or a text that cheer you when meeting with someone who presumably induces damage to you. See this man boldly in the eye, speak in a calm and reassuring voice. He must see that it is not made of emotional imbalance in your life. When you can prove to the offender that is not afraid of him, he will understand that reading to you a conspiracy - it is empty and hopeless.
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