Weight is not the only parameter in the evaluation of one person by others. Find in yourself those qualities that you can appreciate, focus on them, not on weight. Not saponificate yourself.
Remember that it is not overweight terrible, and caused them psychological problems, complexes, worries, fears. If the snub-nosed girl, it can turn into a individuality, or – in the challenge of her life. Same thing with weight. Change the attitude, if you can't get rid of him, and you will be much easier.
Replace the fear that a loved one due to excess weight will go away from you, on the other fear. Nappies good that he can get away from you not because of weight but because of your dislike to yourself. After all, to love a man who likes and respects himself, is very difficult. It may be so weary that no feelings will remain. So love yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages, the way you are. If this can not be achieved yourself, contact psychologist.
Work in the direction of weight reduction. Decide on your motivation: if you want to lose weight for the sake of others, their enthusiastic attitudes – it's not too effective. Convince yourself that reduce the weight for my health, for my own sake.
Think critically and objectively to estimate you other people. Probably fat and ugly you are called envious. Analyze the situation, don't believe everything you hear. Try to love every pound and inch of your body and remember that you – individuality and vivid personality.