Braided part. The length of the braided part of the whip should depend on the human growth, that is, if the whip to throw over the shoulder, it should not drag on the ground. Approximate length – 40 - 45 cm Weave a whip of untanned skin (saramati). It may consist of one, two or more woven knee length, depending on the size of the piece of leather you are using.
Cutting. Begin by cutting blanks strips of width 4 - 6 mm for the bottom of the knee. It is desirable that the strips were long and straight. Although it depends on the piece of saramati. If straight lines are not obtained, cut spiral from small pieces. This is acceptable. After the tension of the strips are aligned.
Weave. Each of the resulting strips of saramati make small slits to weave them as "pigtails", threading one into the other. And so on throughout the length of the blanks.
The his whip. Use a plain stick or turned on a lathe, patterned and smooth, everything that is capable of your imagination. Maybe you never will use the whip made for the purpose, but the realization that this work of art made by your own hands will surely warm the soul.