Advice 1: How to learn to weave macrame

Macrame is considered to be one of the oldest forms of needlework. This nubby knit was used by the ancient fishermen of Malta and the Canary Islands for production networks. Later macramé was used to make ornaments, clothes and interior items. Today, to master the techniques of macrame and everyone can and it is not necessary to visit courses or to enroll in a special school. To learn the art of weaving and their own.
How to learn to weave macrame
You will need
  • - semi-soft cushion;
  • - safety pins, scissors, centimeter tape;
  • - threads for weaving;
  • - books on macrame or sites devoted to macrame.
Pick up yarn or rope for weaving. You should start with a well-twisted strands of medium thickness. For the first lessons it is better to take linen or a hemp rope, flaxen cord, twine, harsh yarn. Do not use for training brilliant and moving threads.
Pick for self-study of the technique of weaving the most simple books on macrame for beginners. Or on the Internet, select the resource dedicated to this kind needlework. When searching use bright vivid illustrations and simple description of the techniques of vyvazhivanija nodes. Remember that on some sites the scheme of weaving, you can download.
To work make a special pillow. Take a plywood Board with dimensions of not less than 30x45 cm cushion Wrap with foam and secure it with a few stitches. Dense monochromatic fabric obtyanite the resulting workpiece. Well if the fabric is light. It can pillow use the back of a soft chair.
Tie on the pillow the first thread. This will be the base for attaching the working threads. Using the pictures, try several ways to consolidate on the basis of worker threads. Do not take very long threads are more difficult to work and for samples of their length is not important.
Learn the basic knots. All songs in macrame are formed by interlocking loops and knots. Follow a few simple knots. Carefully compare the node in the figure with the knot you have on the Board. Follow Hercules and flat knot. Try to weave twisted and smooth chain. Having mastered these nodes, continue to the relief items in macrame: Pico, berry pattern, pattern, chameleon, etc.
Try, securing on the basis of several working threads to create a cloth. Use square knots in a checkerboard pattern. Follow the checkerboard on the area and pattern of the bars.
Read and practice the implementation of the REP node (also known as double knot) and compositions with this node. Take a few ornamental knots: Gemini, Josephine, Turkish knot.
Once you master the techniques vyvazhivanija basic units, you can safely proceed to the weaving of simple products for beginners. Can weave a necklace with the additional decorative elements (beads) or a colorful belt.
Useful advice
When carrying products, be careful not to violate the recommendations on the number and length of threads.

Advice 2: How to weave the cord

The greatest joy we deliver things made with your own hands. To please yourself and your friends very simply – the technique of weaving of laces requires certain skills, but opens a boundless field for imagination and creativity. Two-tone laces can become a bright accessory for mobile phone or bag and an ornament, turned into a summer bracelet or necklace on her neck.
Braid the cords in bright colors.
You will need
  • four threads of two different colors,
  • - pin
  • - beads, sequins, charms.
Select two threads, bright and dark, or contrasting thread colors. Blue goes well with orange, red with green, purple and yellow. An interesting effect is the use of two different types of threads, assuming that they are the same thickness. Yarn and floss are combined with a broad leather or rubber cord, folded double or triple satin ribbons or beads. Don't be afraid to experiment! You will do even laces for shoes or saturated colors made of fluorescent material that will glow in the dark. If you are using laces with a pattern, then it pick a solid yarn.
Take two bright thread (same color) and two dark (different color). Secure them together with pins or tying the end knot.
Put one dark (one color) thread in the front, and the second dark back. One light (other color) yarn with the left hand, the second light from the right.
Swap the dark filament counterclockwise.
Swap the bright thread in a counterclockwise direction, while perevela them between the dark. Thus, the first dark thread that you originally put in the front is under a twisted light, and the second is dark over them.
Swap dark thread so that light still remained on the left and right of them. Then swap the bright thread and move so on. Try not to pull thread too tightly, otherwise the cord will come out too thin and uneven. Thus a certain tension be maintained must, to avoid the gaps between the loops. Then the work will look sloppy.
The finished cord should be smooth, dense and round. In the formation of creases mash the lace between fingers or roll between your hands. Now you only have to decorate the cord pendants, chunky beads or sequins.
It requires a certain concentration, while Your actions will not be automatic.
Useful advice
Choose a thick thread, to Your decoration of laces didn't look too thin. If you use floss or narrow ribbon, fold them in two or three times.

Advice 3: How to make boring hair

Braids of yarn in hippie style, or boring, are fashionable and original decoration for the hair. This unusual hairstyle can be done on hair of any length. There are two most common method of weaving bores.
How to weave the shoots on the hair
You will need
  • - comb;
  • - embroidery floss;
  • - beads;
  • - beads.
With a comb, separate a thin section of hair you wish to braid. Then take two colored embroidery floss of the same size, but twice the length of the hair strands. Now at its base tie an ordinary knot. So the thread is not slipped, can make a few knots.
Firmly secure the knot and wrap the straightened strand of hair and three strands of the fourth thread. Do it so that the turns of thread very closely located to each other.
Proplete the desired distance of the braids with thread the same color change it took from strands of thread of a different color and continue stitching, align the inside thread of the previous color. Change colors until, until the end of the thread until you fully complete this process. Finish braiding, tying a neat knot at the tip of the strands.
The number of braids you can weave as much as you want. Then when you want to remove the pigtail, just carefully unwind the skin and comb the hair.
There is another more convenient way of weaving bores, as during the creation of pigtails threads don't slide down the strands of hair. Take, as in the first case, the thread and scroll to the desired strand of hair. Holding with your fingers, secure the thread at the base of the strands and begin to weave a normal braid, gently weaving her threads.
Then using the free ends of colored threads appetite pigtail. And weave need a half-loops, threading the end of the thread in the previous loop. Tighten a half-loop, each time tightening the thread. Thanks to this, the bore will be smoother and more beautiful.
Make as many knots as you want, constantly changing colors until, until you tie the braid to the end, and will not bring the boring to the desired length. In the end decorate it, for example, beads or beads.

Advice 4: How to learn bystrostroy yourself

The ability to read quickly allows you not to spend the extra time to read the document, you can quickly find the right paragraph in the text and makes life much easier for those who are forced to work with large volumes of information. Today there are many paid courses, classes and webinars that help you learn to read quickly. All methods are based only on a person's ability to change the way of perceiving information. But because you can learn bystrostroy and inexpensively.
How to learn bystrostroy yourself

The basic rule of bistrotea not to try to apply all methods at once and move on to mastering the next after the previous technique is mastered and successfully you apply. Otherwise, the perception will be hampered. Even using one method can increase reading speed with the standard 200 words per minute up to 500-600. That's good. Let's say you're not going to read one book a day, but two times will increase the speed of reading.

Practice regularly. Seen to acquire the simple skill and use it automatically a person needs about 2-3 weeks of regular training. Can't spend two hours a day, as recommended by textbooks or teachers of bistrotea – allocate half an hour. The main thing – regularity.

Start with exercises that seem most easy and the development of move on to the next. Here are the most common and effective ways to learn to read quickly:

1. Often people reread the same line several times. Time spent. Most wait way to get rid of this habit to keep the bookmark is not from below but from above. In order to achieve automatism better to use a normal paper book – cover top lines. As soon as your eyes get used not to rise to read, you can go to to read without a bookmark and to read electronic documents such a method.

2. Not pronounce the words. Even reading to myself, many recite the words and phrases. Why? Yes, we do talk slower than read. By the way, this same bug prevents to use the touch type method of printing the thought can't keep up with fingers. Learn to think not pronouncing the phrase.

3. Focus. When reading a document, pay attention to just unfamiliar places. Often the information in textbooks is repeated – skip it and move on to the next paragraph.

4. If you are reading and you just need to read the document, do not pay attention to errors, typos. In other words – do not empathize the technical literature. And reading art, try not to get used to the role of heroes, do not think out the details. This is especially important if you just need to read.

Storm text

Try learning to read first the whole word, and then phrase. This will allow you to quickly find information in the text for keywords. In other words, we will be able to run the option Cntl-F – choosing from the text only what is important to you.

Method of Soviet spies

Take screenshots of the words and make a slide show. As you begin to have time to read the word faster, than there will be another gear up. Then enter into the work more difficult and unfamiliar words. The next step will be phrase and then sentences. So bystrostroy taught in school scouts.

It is worth remembering that applying the techniques you will learn to perceive only the information. Sometimes you need to relax by reading fiction and poetry.

Advice 5: How to make bracelets out of rubber bands: for beginners

If until recently was incredibly popular beaded bracelets, today many young people wear bracelets, braided.... They look stylish, and weave with his own hands, this bracelet is a snap. How to make bracelets out of rubber bands? The technique of weaving products simple enough to master her.
How to make bracelets out of rubber bands: for beginners

As in any business, learn a new technique you need with the most simple. There are several types of weaving bracelets. To make bracelets out of rubber bands by using special machines and gadgets, and without them. Here are a few techniques.

Weave bracelets out of rubber bands on fingers

One of the simplest techniques is the weave on the fingers. To begin, you will need the Rainbow Loom kit.

  • You need to take the first rubber band and twist it into a sign of infinity;
  • you should then put rings on one another;
  • to make it convenient to operate, it is necessary to clamp them between the index finger and thumb;
  • so, got two rings, through which is passed hook;
  • the kit includes a plastic Rainbow Loom hook, you can use or adapt normal knitting with metal. The optimum size of No. 3 or No. 4.
  • now you need to catch the new elastic, and then stretching until about the middle. You should pay attention to the fact that the other half of the gum should remain outside. It is important not to try too hard to pull, otherwise all the work will have to start over.
  • after that you should catch your fingers part of the weave, which is closest to the new tires. Then you need to have a hook in the rings, which are held by fingers, and then stretching a new one. In the work, you can use plain or colored loom band. Then get the mix.
  • now we need to intercept our bracelet as close as possible to the new and stretching the next.
  • at the final stage of the last rubber band should be secured using S-shaped clips made of plastic. Usually it is set to weave, but if desired it can be purchased at any craft store.

This technique is the most simple, is called a chain. It is great for those who don't know how to weave bracelets out of rubber bands. Once you've mastered it, you can master the more complex techniques. Externally, this bracelet will be a thin chain with links in the form of droplets.

But not all weave bracelets using a special kit, there are seamstresses that most ordinary hair bands small size make the decoration.

How to make bracelets out of rubber bands for hair

Here is the description of how to make a bracelet from hair elastics.

  • You need to take a scrunchie and wrap it around a pencil. We get two loops.
  • take the following (the color depends on preference);
  • you need to run it through two loops of the first clip;
  • weave bracelet before until it reaches the length to wrap it around your wrist;
  • the ends of the bracelet link. If desired, you can use fishing line or thread to tie the ends.

So, the techniques of this craft quite a lot. Having mastered the most simple ways, over time, you can learn how to weave ... fashion plaits bracelets or even covers for your favorite gadgets. However, this requires a special machine.



Advice 6: How to weave beautiful braids

Braids are a great way to decorate women's hair and change the usual style. Today, hairdressing salons and private masters offer for reasonable money to braid cornrows in a variety of styles – from the radical to the ordinary dreadlocks braided hairstyles. To learn how to weave braids yourself is not difficult – for this you need some practice material and time to study. In a short time you will be able to master the most common weaving technique.
How to weave beautiful braids
You will need
  • some of the skills;
  • well-washed and detangled hair;
  • thread;
  • kanekalon;
  • scissors;
  • comb.
To weave braids need for carefully washed and combed hair, separated from the crown to the forehead, smooth hair. Near the parting highlight a section of hair and comb it, then use for weaving.
Braiding hair, do not overtighten the hair – the braid should be tight enough, but not tightened excessively. To braid a large number of braids, each braid doplatit of the selected strands to the end, tie thread to the tip, and click on the new strand next to the already braided braid it, comb it, and begin to braid in the same way as the first. Highlight strands are the same thickness – in this case, the hair will be neat and uniform.
Very popular today are African braids – weave them in almost all beauty salons. For weaving three-dimensional and lush agrokos you need kanekalon artificial fiber that depletes in your own hair, corresponding to their natural color. With the help of the length of kanekalon braids can be increased, and it attracts girls who want to escape from their short haircuts, in a short time becoming the owners of long braid.
For weaving agrokos divide the head into small square plots. At each site, select a strand, untangle it and start to weave braid, kanekalon odplata from the roots. When natural hair is finished, just keep depleting braid of kanekalon. When he reached the end, scald the tip with boiling water or oplate lighter.
To weave braids of curly hair is easier than straight – on wavy and curly hair less noticeable transitions between the natural hair and synthetic fiber. After weaving see sticking out from the braids the hairs. They need to cut with scissors.
And finally, you can quickly learn how to weave a simple French braid, which is always distinguished by the elegance and simplicity of execution. Highlight the strand of hair at the crown, at the base of the growth, and divide into three parts. Braid an ordinary braid, odplata her extra strands left and right. After the head is braided, braid the regular braid to the end. The tip of the tie gum.
To make this unusual braid, you can braid pulling out strands of hair, slightly weakening it. Thus, the braid will be more loose and curvy.
Unusual hair can be a harness, which is woven from hair, tied on the back of the head to the tail. Divide the tail in two and twist one strand to the right, and second left. Then tightly twist both strands to the opposite side and secure the ponytail with a rubber band.
The hair is divided into three equal thickness strands. Put strand 3 between 1 and 2. Then take strand 1 and put it between the other two, then do the same with the strand 2. Easy as ABC, but the result is a very cute braid. To braid beautiful braids of four or more strands, have a little practise, but nothing complicated in this technique brading no.
Useful advice
How to braid pigtails is a perfect video training through which you will learn how to perform the weave, which has a beautiful and appropriate name "Waterfall". The main principle is that not all strands of hair are enshrined in KOs town: every time you do a new round, you loose lying near Cosmas hair, which will gracefully fall on your head, resembling the waterfall.
Is the advice useful?