You will need
  • - semi-soft cushion;
  • - safety pins, scissors, centimeter tape;
  • - threads for weaving;
  • - books on macrame or sites devoted to macrame.
Pick up yarn or rope for weaving. You should start with a well-twisted strands of medium thickness. For the first lessons it is better to take linen or a hemp rope, flaxen cord, twine, harsh yarn. Do not use for training brilliant and moving threads.
Pick for self-study of the technique of weaving the most simple books on macrame for beginners. Or on the Internet, select the resource dedicated to this kind needlework. When searching use bright vivid illustrations and simple description of the techniques of vyvazhivanija nodes. Remember that on some sites the scheme of weaving, you can download.
To work make a special pillow. Take a plywood Board with dimensions of not less than 30x45 cm cushion Wrap with foam and secure it with a few stitches. Dense monochromatic fabric obtyanite the resulting workpiece. Well if the fabric is light. It can pillow use the back of a soft chair.
Tie on the pillow the first thread. This will be the base for attaching the working threads. Using the pictures, try several ways to consolidate on the basis of worker threads. Do not take very long threads are more difficult to work and for samples of their length is not important.
Learn the basic knots. All songs in macrame are formed by interlocking loops and knots. Follow a few simple knots. Carefully compare the node in the figure with the knot you have on the Board. Follow Hercules and flat knot. Try to weave twisted and smooth chain. Having mastered these nodes, continue to the relief items in macrame: Pico, berry pattern, pattern, chameleon, etc.
Try, securing on the basis of several working threads to create a cloth. Use square knots in a checkerboard pattern. Follow the checkerboard on the area and pattern of the bars.
Read and practice the implementation of the REP node (also known as double knot) and compositions with this node. Take a few ornamental knots: Gemini, Josephine, Turkish knot.
Once you master the techniques vyvazhivanija basic units, you can safely proceed to the weaving of simple products for beginners. Can weave a necklace with the additional decorative elements (beads) or a colorful belt.