Prepare the wool. To do this, carefully go through it. Very confused pieces of discard. Comb the hair. For this, use a comb with a few blunt teeth. Wear it bundles six and stretch in different directions. Fold the resulting strands and comb again. Do so until, while the bulk of the wool fibre is not located in the same direction. Next, take the tow and tie them to the spinning wheel. You can use the back of a chair.
Take the spindle and sit on the bottom of the spinning wheel or around the chair attached to it with a tow. To the bottom of the spindle (the heel), bind a cotton string, with a length of approximately 50 cm Then make it a few turns clockwise and secure the sliding knot.
Pull of the tow bit of wool and connect it with cotton thread. Stretch fiber six and twist together and thread the spindle when it rotate a few times clockwise.
Now start spinning. Hold the spindle with three fingers over the top (toe) of the right hand, the left, whatever you like, and rotate it clockwise. At the same time 2-3 fingers of the other hand evenly pull the hair from the tow.
Be careful, the thread always needs to be connected to the tow. If it breaks, then repair the open, putting fiber on top of each other and after a few turns with the spindle.
After get twisted a piece of thread, wind it on the spindle. To do this, remove the hinge Assembly, screw the yarn and re-attach the sliding knot. Continue to spin as long as the spindle is not formed, a large skein and work with him will be uncomfortable. Wind thread into a ball and begin to spin again.