You will need
  • Phillips screwdriver
To delete the password in BIOS there are two ways. The first is suitable only if you already know the password and decided to remove it. This is usually done in cases when the host computer is sure that nobody will be able to use his PC, or he simply has nothing to hide. Turn on the computer, and press Del. You will see the BIOS window and a string for a password. Enter the password to log in. Navigate to Set Supervisor Password. Enter the old password, and the fields water new leave blank. Some versions of BIOS it is impossible to completely remove the password, but you can disable its checks. Look for Power On Password and change its value to Disabled.
How to remove <strong>password</strong> <b>BIOS</b>
If you don't know the old password in the BIOS, then you will have to use a mechanical method of removal. On the motherboard there is a small battery - BIOS-battery. Open the cover of the system unit and pull the battery out of the slot. Now with a screwdriver short the two contacts to which it was adjacent. This will allow you to reset the BIOS to start. Of course, no password will remain.
How to remove <strong>password</strong> <b>BIOS</b>