You will need
  • A computer running the operating system, the SMOS battery, a small Phillips screwdriver
The fastest and most convenient way to clear the BIOS – use the special option, which it is built. Go into the BIOS. To do this, when you start your computer hold down the DEL key (sometimes this can be the function keys F1, F2 or F10). Menu "BIOS setup" (BIOS settings) find the "Reset BIOS Settings". Depending on the Board model, option may be called differently. Look for names such as "reset to default", "factory default", "clear BIOS, "load setup defaults". Usually this option is found at the end of the menu on the last tab.
Select this setting and press "Enter". The system will prompt to confirm the selection, then reset all settings to factory settings. Often it is accompanied by exit from the BIOS and restart the computer. If you for some reason can't find this option, or you can't enter the BIOS, use other ways.
The second way. Make sure the computer's power completely off. Open the side cover to access the motherboard. Locate the battery SMOS (this is a flat round battery the size of a coin) and remove it. To remove the battery is easy enough – just grab it with your fingers and pull up. Some cards have a special clip that holds the battery in place. In this case with one hand while tilting the belt clip and the other remove the battery. Thus it is necessary to be careful and not exert excessive force in order not to damage anything. After 5-10 minutes, insert the battery and close the side cover of the computer.
The third way. Disconnect power from the computer. Open the side cover to access the motherboard. Find the jumper to reset the SMOS. The exact location of the jumpers may vary depending on the motherboard. Ideally, you should consult the documentation. If documentation is missing, look for three or four jumpers next to the battery SMOS.
Move the jumper. If your model three jumpers, jumper the second and third, four the third and fourth contacts. Turn on the computer and verify that the settings have been reset and cleared the BIOS. Turn off the computer. Then return the jumper to its original position and close the cover of the computer.