You will need
  • Laptop screwdriver
It is necessary to reset the current settings, restore the default configuration. All of the current settings that have been set independently, also destroyed. Reset several ways. Many motherboards contain a jumper which is used to clear CMOS. It is located near the batteries. To be sure, check the manual to your motherboard. On some laptop's can be instead of just jumper the two contacts. They need to be close to some metal object and the settings will be reset.
In the presence of the jumper should be completely off the laptop. Next, install the jumper. She closes the contacts. Include the laptop, but pay attention to the fact that it will not boot. The same CMOS settings will be reset.
In the next stage, remove the jumper and turn on again the laptop. The monitor may receive a request to press F1. It is necessary for the parameter settings the same BIOS.
If you have nothing else, push the F1 button, find the box 'Save and exit'. That's about it. The computer will boot without a password on the BIOS.
If there is no jumper remove the battery CR2032 power supply CMOS. After 10 minutes, pop it back in again. The BIOS password will disappear. But happens and so that to remove the password on the laptop can only in the service centers. The presence of the service code is common on modern models. In this case, contact the service center.