In order to remove washer nozzles the windshield, open the hood and see if there's insulation. If Yes, please note whether you want to take it off completely, or you can bend a part to get to the injectors. Disconnect the hoses that lead to them liquid.
After you have opened access, try to blow through them or poke a thin needle to clear them of accumulated dirt. If removal is inevitable, then gently press down on the nozzle with the opposite hand, and she calmly and easily. Or catch it on the external side with a thin screw driver and remove.
How to remove injectors <b>washer</b>
Removing injectors is a washer of headlights often need to install the drive. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminals and remove the front bumper of the car, then carefully detach the cover of the injectors. Disconnect a hose of a washer of headlights from the drive injector, and then remove the cover.
Installation of injectors in reverse order. Look carefully at the design of your injectors and into the grooves, and which they must enter the body of the car. Adjust them left - right. In some cases, the required adjustment, it is advisable to put under the rear part of the gasket the correct thickness.
How to remove injectors <b>washer</b>