You will need
    • water;
    • pasta from flour of hard varieties;
    • olive oil or butter;
    • salt.
Select the appropriate pasta. It is advisable to stay on the stamps, made from durum wheat – this spaghetti is not too soft, retain their shape and elasticity, look beautiful on the plate and have a delicate taste. Need to buy Italian pasta – great pasta made in other countries, including in Russia.
Boil water in a tall saucepan. Add salt. Dip in boiling water the required amount of pasta – it is calculated depending on the portions. Don't put them in a container with a tight beam, otherwise the finished pasta will stick together during cooking. Spread spaghetti free fan.
Do not try to put the pasta in the pan completely – they will gradually sink to the bottom themselves. So the bottom part does not seethe, it is possible to help, gently primina their hand. Don't press too hard – fragile spaghetti can break.
When the pasta is completely immersed in the boiling water, pour in a pan with a little olive or refined sunflower oil and gently stir with a wooden or silicone spoon. This prevents the subsequent sticking of the pasta.
The spaghetti cooking time indicated on the package. But a minute before the recommended time is to catch a single noodle and taste it. Ready spaghetti should remain elastic, and in the middle to keep a thin "thread" hardish nepovinnogo test. This stage of readiness is called "al dente" (tooth) – a pasta prefer Italian. If you like soft pasta, cook them one more minute.
Carefully remove the pan from the heat and pour the ready pasta into a colander. Do not rinse with water. Better add directly in the pan a little butter or olive oil and quickly toss the pasta. Now it can be put on plate as a garnish or add into the pan where the sauce is prepared.