You will need
    • Steamer
    • Capacity for rice
    • Water
    • Salt and spices
    • Figure
Rinse rice with cold water several times. So you will wash away any excess starch and dirt from the rice. Then after cooking the rice is loose, not glued, and not seethe.
Fill base of double boiler with cold water and set the desired number of trays (in the water do not add spices, vinegar, wine, etc.). If you cook only rice, you need only one tank. If we call fish, eggs, meat or vegetables for simultaneous steaming, place all three floors of the trays of the steamer.
Place the rice in a special container (it must be in the bundle) and place it in the steamer. Turn on for 5-7 minutes to make steamed rice without water.
Top up with cold water in a container with rice in the ratio 1:1, salt, and spices. Set a timer for 30-40 minutes.
The cooked rice will be soft and crumbly. The rice from the steamer, you can immediately bring to the table.