You will need
  • sand, gravel, bitumen, surfactants, mineral powder, liquid fuel, water, a drying unit, mixer
Determine proportions of mixture components (inert materials – 90%, mineral powder – 5% bitumen 6 %); make the selection of materials for mix and process them (for example, inert materials machine drying, bitumen – heating).
Feed the wet and cold sand and gravel into the hopper of the power unit by a crane grab grip, forklifts or conveyors.
Load sand and gravel into the pipeline, which is a bucket Elevator inclined type. After the bucket conveyor to be filled, convey the materials into a drying unit.
Equip his special furnaces, where will the combustion of fuel in liquid or gaseous state. Liquid fuel, before entering the drying unit, store it in heated tanks. Thus, in the furnace it will come already heated.
Provide special pumps for continuous combustion. The unit must be equipped with fans, guides in the furnace air. In the process of drying and combustion, the resulting gases of high temperature and dust particles, elongated dust-collecting filter system. As a result, the drum unit the aggregates are thoroughly dried, heated to the desired temperature of approximately 200?C.
Add to a mixing unit at a temperature of 160 degrees mineral powder and bitumen. As a result of all production stages will be asphalt.