Advice 1: How to put attachment on roller

Roller is a roller ski. By analogy with roller skates designed for skating on asphalt, for the summer training of skiers for the competition. Among fans of skis are found both Amateurs and professional athletes.
How to put attachment on roller


A pair of roller skis consists of two platforms with attached rollers. The rollers are equipped with mudguards. Mounting on new skis often go separately and come in classic or free style. Self-installation of fixtures starts with the layout. Ski bracket Assembly attach to the platform so that the widest part of the sole of the mount aligns with the middle of the platform roller. If mount classic binding for classic races, mounts attach the butt to the rear mudguard. Then mark the place of screwing the front fixing screw.

Some models of skis sold is already marked for installation fasteners. They usually contain two sets of marks for screws. The first is for boots big size (more than 40), the second – for the little shoes (size less than 40. Installation of fasteners is better done using a special template to ensure maximum accuracy.


Before screwing the screws pre-drill the holes for them. For drilling use a drill with adjustable speed and drill bits, providing the desired diameter and the hole depth. If you have access to specialized equipment, use a special drill bit with extension. It ensures centering of the drill bit in the drill and stop at the desired depth. When using standard drills use drill bits with a diameter of 3.4 to 3.6 mm. If the drilling takes place by means of rotation, the use of the conductor is obligatory: without it, the drill is often distracting at times.

For mounting, use the screws supplied with the bracket. Though they are spun with difficulty, but hold securely and firmly. Before screwing the screws can be moistened with lubricating oil to reduce the efforts of the screwdriver. Unlike skis, drilling holes in rollers should be done with maximum accuracy. If an erroneous hole in the ski can be repaired with a plug, the rollers do not work. To tighten screws, you can use the screwdrivers with the bits PH 3 or PZ 3.

Many athletes use an alternative method of screw fasteners using screws with countersunk head type М4х25. Place mounting are marked with a stencil, the lower part of the reams under the steel hollow T-shaped caps. Caps are inserted from below and are threaded screws with countersunk head. Unlike screws, this method though more time consuming but much more accurate and reliable with heavy use of the roller. Also, this option is ideal for those who have already unsuccessfully drilled the holes for the screws.

Advice 2 : What are roller skis

Modern sports are a huge variety of sports, among which everyone can find something that will be of interest to him. In this case, they sometimes require unusual tools.
What are roller skis
The skis are a special apparatus, which is shaped like skis, because it is elongated, narrow strip made of plastic, however it is equipped with roller wheels.

The appearance of skis

The first such sports equipment was constructed in the 1930-ies in Italy and then spread to Northern Europe. Their main purpose, as conceived by the designers, was used as the projectile in the process of training of professional skiers in the absence of snow, for example, in the summer. Training on roller skis quite plausible imitated the basic moves by skiers, and therefore not allowed athletes from the offseason to lose important skills and lose shape.

However, after about forty years the attitude of the skis started to change. They were seen as independent sports equipment that require special training for proper handling of the equipment movement on roller skis. Simultaneously there was a change in the structure of the inventory: for example, if the first roller skis were equipped with one wheel in the front part of the structure and two at the rear, modified the shell received only two wheels, one of which was positioned in front and the other behind.

The skis today

Today manufacturers have mastered the production of a wide variety of roller skis, which, differing in its main characteristics, intended for different riding style, for example, skating and classic. Movement of athletes capable of considerable speed, reaching 50 miles per hour, so such classes require special protective equipment.

The athletes involved in these shells have become a category fundamentally different from conventional skiers. This is largely due to the fact that the sports community officially recognized the independence of the roller skis. So, in 1988 in the Netherlands was the first European championship in this sport, and in 1992, the international ski Federation have included skiing in the official list of ski sports. A year later, in 1993, Holland has become a big event at the races on roller skis: this time they had the status of a world. In 2000, the same country hosted the first world championship in this sport, and since then it is held on a regular basis - once every two years.
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