You will need
  • Thermometer alcohol
  • Thermometer mercury
  • The electronic thermometer TESTO
  • (one thing)
To measure the temperature in the room, take the alcohol thermometer and place it on a horizontal surface at the level of 1.6 – 1.7 meters from the floor level. The thermometer should lie on the thermal insulation material. At the time of measurement in the premises should not operate any heaters, especially for heaters UFO, as they heat the room by infrared radiation, heating the surrounding objects, the directional radiation and is therefore able to significantly heat the body and distort the reading of the thermometer. The thermal inertia of the alcoholic thermometer is quite high and therefore wait a certain time (about 10 – 12 minutes) before reading the thermometer.
The accuracy of the alcohol thermometer can reach 3-4 degrees, to obtain more accurate values of the temperature of the air use household mercury thermometers. Not to be confused with medical thermometers! The same as alcohol thermometer, mercury way position household thermometer on the insulating surface at a height of 1.6 – 1.7 meters from the floor level. Liquid cylinders thermometers during measurement must not touch any objects.
With an electronic thermometer measuring the temperature of the air is made almost instantaneously, especially if you use a modern series thermometers TESTO. When a measurement does not touch the sensor of the device.
To measure the temperature of the air outside the window, open the window frame and fasten it to the thermometer. The bulb of thermometer should not touch the glass. Carefully close the thermometer from direct sunlight. The thermometer cannot be installed on the South side of the house, as sunlight heats the wall of the house. Heated by the rays of the sun home wall heats up the surrounding layers of air, which in turn will heat mounted on the frame of the window thermometer.