Types of thermometers

Probably all familiar with this type of thermometer like mercury. It is made of a glass tube filled with mercury. Mercury thermometer can be called the most accurate and easy to use. They can measure the temperature in different places of the body, in the armpit, in the mouth and even in the anus. The main disadvantage of such devices lies in the fact that it contains toxic mercury, which vapors are very dangerous for human health.

Electronic thermometer digital. Devices of this type, just as mercury can be called universal, they also possible to measure the temperature of the body in many places, the exception is the auricle. The main difference between digital thermometers from mercury can be called the speed measure. In order to obtain data on body temperature, it will take no more than one minute. The measurement result is displayed on the screen of the thermometer. The disadvantages of digital thermometers is a small inaccuracy of the measurements.

Several varieties of devices for measuring body temperature

Thermometer-nipple. This is a new kind of digital thermometers designed for measuring body temperature in young children. It works exactly the same as regular digital thermometer. But this thermometer has its drawbacks. First, the negative side of this device is a small error of measurements, very often it gives an error of 0.1°. Second, it measures the temperature for a long time, it must be kept in the mouth up to 5 minutes.

Infrared ear thermometer. Only with the help of this device can measure temperature in the human ear. The sensor of this thermometer is introduced into the auditory canal, and in just a few seconds, the measurement result is displayed. But such a thermometer to measure the temperature of a newborn child, because toddlers have a very narrow ear canal.

Infrared forehead thermometer. This device is very convenient to use. For measuring temperature takes only a few seconds. To do this, it must be close enough to the skin, and it is possible to measure temperature even from a short distance.

Strips to measure temperature. They represent records that can be applied on the forehead or in the mouth. They measure the temperature very quickly, in just 15 seconds. These strips are best to use while traveling where there is no possibility to carry regular thermometer. The indications of such a thermometer is necessary to add 0.5 deg because they show the temperature is lower than in reality.