Simple, versatile rakes consist of a metal working fabric with the teeth attached to a wooden handle. Such a rake heavy enough. So now produce a rake of plastic and high strength aluminum. Their weight is much less, and the number and shape of teeth may be different. Wooden rake is designed for cleaning and aeration hay, grass. Such rake is not sold in stores. You have to make them yourself. As a universal rake, they consist of the working fabric - wooden blocks with the teeth of the shaft and coupling.
For the manufacture of wooden rake will need a few varieties of wood. So the handle can be made of wood, softwood, pine, spruce. For pads and teeth should be solid wood: elm, Rowan, birch.
Take a pine block and make it a block rake with a length of 50-60 cm, width 5 cm and height 3 cm Smooth obstructe her plane.
Drill the block holes for the teeth with a diameter of 10-15 mm, in increments of 40 mm.
Take a birch stick and carefully break it into squares with a small hatchet. Of squares vystrugat knife the required number of teeth length of 10-12 cm chosen form. The neck of the teeth make 1-2 mm larger than the hole in the block for a tighter entry. The ends of the teeth sharpen.
From straight round the branches of a pine or spruce vystrugat the handle for the rake. One end of its focus. Sanded the shaft with emery cloth.
Make propyl 20-25 cm at the other end of the cutting. The cut end of the handle has a secure metal clutch and nails. Push the sawn part of 10-15 cm and sharpen them.