You will need
  • - alarm clock;
  • phone;
  • - water.
Turn on bright lights or open the Drapes. This method is suitable for those people who sleep fairly light. If you are faced with a more difficult task, and sleep did not react to the taken the actions that you add to bright lights loud music.
Wake of the person using the alarm. This method can work well in the day or after a midday lunch. A man accustomed to the rise of the clock on weekdays, will quickly Wake up from the alarm, saying that it was time to go to work.
Call sleeping. Most people are very sensitive to the melody, which is set on calling their phone. Therefore, an unexpected call can Wake up the Dormouse, and the need to respond to just raise him out of bed.
Resort to psychology. Scientists have revealed that men and women react differently to the same sounds in his sleep. So, the man quickly Wake up to the sound of alarm, provided that the sleeper is a car owner. Woman try to Wake up with a screaming baby. It does not matter is it mother or not.
Learn how to Wake a sleeping child. According to some observations, the person wakes up faster if to Wake him up as it did in his early childhood his parents. If you exactly repeat the actions and words, you are guaranteed success.
Don't go out of the room after the man told you that arises. The temptation to stay in bed often so great that all the promises to stand "in a minute" turn into a quiet snore on the pillow. So keep up with the sleeping as long as he will not rise and will not appear on a "safe" distance from the warm and cozy bed.
Try not to resort to drastic measures. However, if none of the above tips do not help, you can refer to the old-fashioned way with cold water. Only it is desirable to gain warm water and in an amount much smaller than the bucket.