Gone is the ease in communication, relationship became strained. If you no longer dissolve in each other, but somewhere deep down realize that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life, then try to do the following to revive the dying feelings.Try to release each other some space, so everyone can do what he wants: cross stitching, salsa, kiteboarding, aeromodelling. You will have new topics for discussions, new experiences and emotions. Of course, well, when you are your partner, but such an idyll in the relationship long lasting. In any case, standing next to each other, you will read of a person like an open book, you will know all the habits and flaws of a man thoroughly. It will give you predictable and uninteresting, so personal space is one of the conditions for the refreshment of your senses.
How long would you meet or live together, you need to win each other again and again. Remember, how you met, how to care for each other, ran out. Make a little stupid, crazy, or even children's things. Winter - play snowballs, sculpt a snowman, ride sleds down the hills, summer - run barefoot in the pouring rain, ride on rollers, bicycles, autumn - collect leaves for a herbarium, sit in a cozy cafe, telling each other funny stories, spring sing serenades under the window, give flowers, write romantic notes to each other. Regardless of the time of year, try to discover something new in your relationships and cherish old things that warms the heart and soul. Do not cease to surprise and delight each other.
Things happen in life: failures and problems at work, seasonal depression, domestic crisis. You come home in a bad mood, but do not need their negativity to pour out on his chosen. Scandals and tantrums never helped to improve the relationship. Limit yourself to only the story about his poor state of health, explain that you now is not easy, you need help, and you will certainly help, surround with care and love. But do not abuse his weakness. Try next with him/her to ignore the external problems. You must be a cheerful person because nodashi Plaks very difficult to endure, without showing thus any negative emotions.
Try to smile more and laugh. A smile is also a sign of a healthy relationship. How can you not love a cheerful person? Dimples, sparkling devilish twinkle eyes, familiar to the pain facial expressions. Give each other joy and smiles.
Extreme will be short-lived separation, or a short separation from a loved one. At this moment you will realize how much you care about him, what place occupies in your life and how much you love him. But sometimes parting only exacerbates the relationship, blurring the images formed in the mind that characterizes your relationship. The General advice in this case - must be all the measure. Not peredergivaete pause, because if you think about, that no one is irreplaceable. A Holy place is never empty. We have to proceed with intelligence and caution.
Relationship is like a gold a piece of jewelry that is covered with patina. Your goal is to clear them from the household of the RAID so that they shimmered and sparkled with new emotions and feelings.