Aromatherapy traditionally applies the use of various aromatic oils, full of grace operating in the human body. These oils can help the metabolism, have antibacterial and antifungal action. In addition, this useful practice is favorable for emotional and spiritual state.

The smells are sweet and bitter, nice and sharp, and rather tartly – sweet. For example, the first will help improve efficiency, the second will affect respiration, and others are great for concentration. Various oils can help the kidneys eliminate the pain, to soothe the skin and act as antidepressants. In specialized stores definitely will help you to choose a suitable in the specific case of oil.

But to enjoy the pleasant aromas, you will also need to purchase a special aroma lamp, the bowl will need to put a few drops of the oil, add a little water, and the bulb itself to invest pre-lit a small candle. Also, aromatherapy is perfect scented candles and sticks.

Well to aromatherapy in children's rooms, but in smaller doses than usual. Children is help to cope with the emotional periodluminosity, and they will perceive the process as something unusual and interesting.

For those interested in weight reduction, aromatherapy is a good helper, since some odors can affect excessive appetite.

But despite all the positive side, however, this therapy has contraindications. For example, the use of oil should be moderate and not too long. Aromas of cloves or sage, can adversely affect the nervous excitability, as after application to the skin of the citrus oils and bergamot are not allowed to sunbathe. Some oils under some circumstances and does can be dangerous: do not use oils of cypress and Basil, if blood clotting improves; juniper, coriander, sandalwood, fir – all banned if treated.

The practice of aromatherapy is widely used in our days, it has no age restrictions, the most important thing is to correctly choose the flavor and use it properly.