First and foremost, organize and distribute reasonably according to the time your diet. Remember that it is undesirable to eat after six, but if you really want to lose weight, then you should refuse from flour and fat and also minimize the consumption of sweets. Prefer these products fruit, vegetables, and lean fish.
Work out in the gym with light weights or fitness exercise. Most importantly – do not use heavy weights, otherwise you risk to gain extra muscle mass. To relieve muscle mass from the calves, all you need is a platform on which you can stand socks. Use it in order to work on it without weighting. Dramatically stand on tiptoe and just as dramatically down. Do this exercise at maximum speed.
If you can't afford a gym due to lack of time, use the rope. Don't wear your shoes – so you will have the maximum possible load on the calf. Do two to three times a day to give muscles time to recover and you will see how they will melt at the sight.