To thin the legs a bit swollen and become strong, you need to perform daily exercises for these body parts. Persistently pursuing, it will be possible in a month to admire in the mirror at his reflection. The first exercise. Starting position - feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly expanded. Slowly rise up on your toes and slowly lower yourself. Repeat at least 30 times. The second exercise. Starting position – stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, hold between ankles ball of small size. Slowly squeeze the ball, Contracting the muscles of the legs. Four seconds of compression, one second – relaxation. Repeat about 20 times.A third exercise. Starting position – stand straight with heels together, toes out to the sides, hands on hips. Climb on your toes and slowly squat. After a few seconds, slowly straighten and return to its original position. Squatting, greatly raise your knees and keep your back straight. Repeat 10-20 times. The fourth exercise. Starting position – sit in a chair, facing the back, grasp the back of the hands, elbows locked. Foot on the floor. Pripodnimaet slowly straightening the legs, and lower yourself back. Repeat 30 times. The fifth exercise. Raise up on your toes and make 70 steps. Knees do not bend. The sixth exercise. Climb the socks, after a moment, a little sit down. Raise your knees doing squats. Repeat 15-20 times. In addition, to give a beautiful shape to the legs (especially the calves), focusing on the exercise bike. If you can not visit the gym, a home exercise bike, you can do the following exercise: lie on your back, stretch your arms and put them down with his hands. Raise your legs, bend your knees and perform the movement, simulating a Bicycle ride. Do this exercise daily for 10-15 minutes.