You will need
  • a computer running the Windows operating system.
Note the task bar on the bottom of the desktop operating system where on the right is a speaker icon. Click on this icon with the left mouse button, and then the band appears with the slider. Move the slider and set the General volume of the computer according to your needs.
The bottom slider is the "Mixer". Click on it with the left mouse button. A menu will appear where you can adjust the level of system sounds and Internet browser. Use the slider to set desired sound level under "System sounds", then in the same way in the Internet browser.
If you are using IP telephony, and connected to your computer phone, you can customize the layout of the volume of operation sounds of the computer, which will automatically operate in the moment when you're talking on the phone. Just right-click on an empty space on the desktop and in the ensuing menu, select "Personalization". At the bottom of the window that appears will be the option "Sounds". Click on it with the left mouse button. Then on the top toolbar select the tab "Communication".
A new window will appear where you can adjust the volume of sounds during a phone conversation. Select how you need to subtract the volume of the sounds at the time when taken or effected by a telephone call. You can tick "Mute all other sounds". Thus, during the phone conversation you'll only hear the voice.
Now select the tab "Sounds". A window will appear where you can set different sound system effects, add extra components of sounds to different situations (e.g. notification email). Or you can turn the sound notification. When you are done customizing sound schemes and volume, click "Apply" and then OK.