One of the diseases that affect cats – toxoplasmosis. The causative agent is an intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii, the representative of the Kingdom protozoa. This disease threatens not only cats but dogs, rodents, rabbits. Exposed to her and the man. Toxoplasmosis is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, it causes birth defects and even fetal death, and this is another reason to attend to the protection of the pet from this disease.

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Symptoms of toxoplasmosis in cats

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In some cases, the disease in cats occurs in a latent form, ie generally does not manifest itself, but the pathogen is already released into the environment with faeces. If there is a possibility that the cat could be infected with toxoplasmosis, it is necessary to contact the veterinary clinic to do proper analysis.

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The acute form is manifested by vomiting, cramps, fever, lack of heart activity. Sometimes and eye damage in the form of conjunctivitis.

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If an acute form of toxoplasmosis has not led to the death cats, the disease may become chronic. It is characterized by slight fever, exhaustion, depression, loss of appetite, paralysis of the limbs. If the cat gets pregnant, the kittens will be born either dead or non-viable, with a variety of congenital deformities.

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To treat toxoplasmosis is very difficult, because intracellular parasites nearly inaccessible to drugs. The maximum that can be done using drugs is to relieve symptoms, to stop the growth of parasites and their release into the environment. The cat will feel good, will cease to be a source of infection, but in the case of low immunity, the disease can occur again. Toxoplasmosis is easier to prevent than to cure.

Prevention of toxoplasmosis

Unfortunately, vaccination against toxoplasmosis does not exist. To prevent infection of cats with the disease can and should be other ways.

One of the ways of infection – eating rodents or even contact with them. You can't let the cat catches mice. It is better not to let her outside unattended if the sanitary condition of city streets and basements is poor. If the cat is still allowed, you need to put her in a collar with a bell, the sound of which will scare away the mice. However, such measures will not protect the cat from contact with stray animals which may be infected with toxoplasmosis.

Cysts of Toxoplasma can be contained in meat, so feed the cat raw meat, is impossible, it should be cooked.

If the cat is still infected with toxoplasmosis, an urgent need to go to the vet and just stick to his instructions. The treatment is long, and terminate it before the appointed time is impossible, even if the condition of the animal improved. At the time of treatment necessary to isolate the cat from other Pets if they are not to allow children to play with her.

Cat feces must be removed immediately because the cysts of Toxoplasma become dangerous after ripening in air. Tray and cat bowl must be washed daily, and then wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If the house is a pregnant woman, a cat is better to give the treatment time to someone who could take care of her. If this is not possible, you need to completely remove the pregnant woman from the care of a cat.