You will need
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth (hour, minutes, seconds)
  • The coordinates of the place of birth
Enter in the active field program of the calculation of the exact details of the location, date and time of birth.

Select from the drop down menu the town closest to the place of your birth, if you do not know its geographical coordinates. Click the "Calculate"button.
How to read a Natal chart
In the opened window check the accuracy of your data. They are located on a drawing Natal chart, compiled program. In addition to the symbolic image of the sky with marked on it the main stars, note table positioned on the sides of the diagram. Here are the exact coordinates of the location of the stars relative to the earth's horizon at the moment of your birth. In addition, in these tables you'll find the main aspects of the position of the stars relative to each other and their conditional space of the house.
How to read a Natal chart
Read carefully the transcript of the Natal chart. Here describes the original position and the basic characteristics of personality, prepared the stars for you personally. Please read carefully the texts describing the main trends proposed for development. As well as the negative aspects that should be subject to correction.
How to read a Natal chart