To advertise your services, it is important to determine for whom they are. Who is your target audience? To do this, you first need to pay attention to the competitors.Market monitoring services.
Think, if you were a consumer and would need the service which you render, where would you look for her? In print media, catalogs or magazines? Perhaps in the ads on TV? Or still online? Carefully review as many ads competing firms for whom they work, where they find their customers? Sign up for the trainings, where they can hear success stories of companies, notice how they won the market, ask for advice from them. Read more literature in your field, perhaps there you will find ready-made answers.
How to advertise your <strong>services</strong>
Identifying your target audience.
Now think, who is the person who can order your services? Differentiation of the target audience is extremely important for organization promotion. Describe it as detailed as possible. What sex they are, age, what education, what interests income. Where more likely to spend their time the people seeks your services and accordingly it is with whom you communicate? Who or what is the main motive for buying – the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, favorable reviews online, bright, catchy advertisement?
How to advertise your <strong>services</strong>
Identify the main communication channel for your target audience. Perhaps those who focus on your service, a lot of time behind the wheel or on the street, then you will accept advertising on radio, outdoor billboards and billboards. Maybe they have average income and can't afford a car, traveling by metro or other public transport, learn how to place your ads. Or your audience is young and sophisticated and draws all useful information on the Internet? Read the forums, social networks and blogs where you could discuss your service.
How to advertise your <strong>services</strong>
The creation of advertising.
People used to have not many opportunities to shy away from Intrusive advertising, it was a constant uninvited guest in our homes, leaving the TV screen. Now traditional media (television, radio and printed press) are fading, but the Internet and, accordingly, the promotion of services in this, is gaining momentum. On the Internet people at any time can refuse ads – block pop-UPS, not to read stupid articles laudatory advertising, and not transmitting a fraction of the truth about a product or service, not to watch commercials. Consumers are not stupid and are not legible, therefore, to reach him, you need to create ads with really interesting and attractive content with high informative value and novelty. If you manage to create this ad and send a link to the minimum number of participants, you do not have to do – then they, unknowingly, take all the work themselves, the chain mailing advertisements to their friends.
How to advertise your <strong>services</strong>
Permanent control.
To conduct an advertising campaign at the beginning you need small portions, by keeping the finger on the pulse. Distribute your advertising budget and start advertising through multiple channels of communication. Let's see which of them work and bring real income, and which are not? Create a questionnaire for clients where ask how they found out about you? Direct efforts and resources on those channels that work.
Don't be afraid to try and to make mistakes, because not only he is mistaken, who does nothing.
How to advertise your <strong>services</strong>