You will need
  • - Internet;
  • press.
Build system of public relations (PR), because it will be the main tool to promote the services of your law firm. In the beginning of the year or the reporting period, plan activities in which you will have to participate. It can be a major conference, television shows, round tables, seminars. Approach to the selection of events with great care: they can't be too entertaining, and would have to address your target audience.
Actively cooperate with the press. A very effective way to promote your services will have its own column in the newspaper mass. For example, one of your lawyers can answer readers ' questions and to resolve contentious issues. The credibility of your company by the public will increase significantly. In addition, it is advisable to place analytical articles, legal commentaries in the target periodic publications: business magazines, Newspapers, almanacs.
Post your comments about high-profile events happening around. It can be an interview or reporters, short notes in the press. Increased interest from the public to such events will attract attention to your name.
Create a good corporate website. Its interface should be clear and classy, navigation is easy, information is detailed and clear. The Internet page of the company in most cases will be to potential customers the main source of prior acquaintance with your firm.
Create the reputation of the company with the help of successful cases and processes. These indicators are key for the promotion of the company. People come to lawyers in difficult situations, therefore, conventional advertising, relying units. Search for a law company with a good reputation, potential customers will be, first and foremost, through his friends. That is why take building relationships with your existing customers, expand business relations and increase the professionalism of your work.