First, create a website. Depending on the specific format and your goals its structure may vary. For single products the most suitable option is a landing page or marketing resource. That is the site of 1-2 pages that outlines the key benefits, listed reviews, information about discounts and bonuses. Get a professional landing page you can have web-studios.
Then pick up the main keywords that fit your product. For example, you sell Goji berries for weight loss. In this case your keywords will be "buy Goji berries", "how to lose weight", "how to lose weight with berries" and so on. Pick up the maximum number of keywords.
Order your professional optimization resource. In addition to properly written content, this process involves a lot of other activities. For example, improving behavioral factors. If a search engine sees what the user long enough are you on the page, I believe its quality and actively raise at the top position.
Then, create groups and profiles in social networks. This plan should not limit yourself: use all available resources. VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Facebook, and so forth sign up in each social network and the most detailed description of a product. Hire a social media Manager who will promote and promote each individual page.
Use contextual and banner ads. In the first case, useful keywords, selected in the second paragraph. Just specify them in the target list, and you will get many interested customers from the search engines. For banner advertising, pick up a themed site, order your image, please contact the resource managers and offer to buy their advertising space.
Use the services of affiliate programs. Put a substantial reward for people that will lead users to your website. for example, you can sell a product for 1000 rubles, and partners to give 300 per sale. Your unit profits decrease, but the total income will increase significantly.
In addition, you can use any alternative or innovative ways. For example, to create a viral video and upload it to YouTube. The users themselves will distribute it on the network, and you will get interested customers. You can also use the competitions or any other events.