Examine your target audience. Label for several groups of potential customers.For example: people with similar problems – families where there are sick people (children, Allergy sufferers, asthmatics, elderly parents, etc.). These people need a plastic window, through which can not penetrate the dust and allergens like poplar fluff, pollen and exhaust fumes and sounds of the bustling street. In their promotional materials, pasted in particularly noisy, dusty and polluted neighborhoods, and introduce yourself: "We will save you from noise, dust and soot..." or simply: "We put not just Windows, we solve your problems".Another option: if you take the "work" circle of ambitious people wanting to at least appear to stand out to neighbors, colleagues, etc., in their advertising brochures that is given to them, emphasize that "modern plastic Windows – it is stylish and respectable" that the "window of the new century, claim a certain status and taste of its owners," etc. focus on a specific group of people is very important.
When conditionally divide into groups of potential consumers find out how one or the other of them is used to obtain information. Perhaps some get it, sitting and talking on the bench, others from commercial breaks while watching the show, others leafing through Newspapers of free announcements or looking through the message Boards on public transport stops. Designate a place for filing advertising with regard to different groups (doors entrances, the pavilions of stops, TV advertising on local TV channel, newspaper).
Study the advertising of competitors and come up with what they have yet. For example, promise to customers that you not only properly install Windows, but will remove all the garbage, which after installation is a lot. This is a good motivation for consumers of such services. You can enter into a contract with a cleaning company or hire just one person who will tidy up after the installation of the Windows.
Another option is cooperation with a company providing cleaning services may render you good service. This can be a barter: you install Windows and after installation works awarded the hosts a free coupon for cleaning and washing Windows (glass). Housewives posing things really like, they will appreciate the service value more and all friends are advised to apply to your firm. In a prize remains the cleaning company, because she had hundreds of additional customers. The idea is simple, but very effective, works flawlessly.
Create your website in the Internet with a full description of services, technologies, prices, advantages over competitors, the timing of the order, information about shipping and so on. Pay particular attention to the quality of the photographs posted on the website. Texts should be simple, clear and easy to read. Consider the feature of the Internet audience. As a rule, it is technically literate and advanced people, they will see dozens of sites dedicated to Windowsm, so provide your site with an unusual photo on the main page or a catchy slogan. The user needs to stay on your site, it must be something to catch. If you are not strong in creating websites, ask for help for professional web designers, copywriters, couple. It costs money but the returns will not keep you waiting.