To open a shop draught beer is better in the spring and summer because warm season beer is particularly popular. The place to shop will depend on its specificity: if it's a regular store "for all", it is better to open it in a normal residential area, close to major retail outlets. If it's luxury store, then place him in expensive residential areas. It is important that the store was located in a residential area, since beer bought for home consumption, if the client will want to drink beer at the table, he will probably just go to the bar.
A key role in the organization of the store draught beer plays his equipment. The easiest option is to negotiate with one supplier of a certain brand of beer. It will provide you with the equipment. However, this is a good option only at first because then you will need to extend the range.
The process of opening a store draught beer little different from the process of opening any store: you need to register (LLC or SP), rent a room at a "brisk" place, suppliers, equipment and personnel. Advertising, as practice shows, beer stores need minimal since customers appear immediately. It is important not to splurge on bright sign, stimulating the desire to relax with a beer. Complexity is the necessity of obtaining a permit for the retail sale of beer at the municipal office. To collect all necessary documents for this and walking through the resort it is better to hire the law firm because it takes a fairly large amount of time.
If you do decide to obtain a permit for the retail sale independently, then you will need the following documents:- Constituent documents of the legal person or the registration documents of the individual entrepreneur;
- For legal entities - extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL);
Codes Of Rosstat;
- Documents on the list and the volume of sold goods.
- Documents related to the transportation of goods;
- The document on right to use premises;
- Medical book;
- Receipt of payment of the registration fee.