You will need
  • the premises, equipment, business plan, concept, suppliers, products, staff
Rent a room in a passage. Not to be carried out on favorable lease terms, bonuses, free months, etc., if the stream of people passing in front of a potential institution, leaves much to be desired. Modern trends are such that the most interesting place for the catering are located in residential areas and areas of high-rise buildings. Also increases the attention of the tenants to the premises to the food courts of shopping malls located in the peripheral areas. This is because most people prefer to drink beer close to home.
Decide what the beer point, which is going to open, will offer as appetizers: snacks, hot snacks, brought to readiness in the or full meals. Depending on the decision equip the kitchen. Special attention is given equipment of the hall. In addition to furniture and bar counters you will need a set biorational equipment, as well as space for kegs – large containers in which the beer comes from the vendor. In self-respecting beer should be not less than five varieties of beer besides him bottled provide and soft.
Develop menu. It can be loose snacks that do not require cooking: chips, nuts, dried squid, cut into fillets dried fish, etc. Another option is snacks, prepared from semi-finished products. In case you need to warm up and zagotavlivali them right in the hall, putting a microwave. These include sausages, sausages, kupaty sausages of all kinds, as well as pieces of meat and fish, breaded, frozen by the shock freezing method. The third variant is a kitchen full cycle.
Employ the staff. Depending on the expected terrain, as well as the chosen cuisine that you may need from three to ten people. Accounting staffing, refer to the labour code, as well as a rational approach to the compilation of shifts. Deciding what your business will be round the clock, count the costs, including the wage Fund of workers employed in the night time, you will need to spend. There are cases when clock mode beer point is not justified.