You will need
  • - start-up capital;
  • - trading equipment.
Decide the location and area of your fast food outlets. Hardly appropriate to start a similar business in a residential area with low traffic. Shopping, office centers, parks, College campuses or busy areas - choice of places to open a food item is very high.
Depending on the type menu, select your format, which will depend on many things - from equipment and facilities to design and the number of staff. If you do not have a large start-up capital, small dots (counters, display cases, tents, "island") would be sufficient. This format has a number of advantages. First, the cost will be much lower compared to the price of the rent of a full room. Second, your point could easily be migrated to any other place in the city. And finally, it will be more accessible to passing customers.
Open your own company, for example, by registering as an individual entrepreneur. Sign a contract of renting retail space or room. In the shortest possible time take care of all the administrative nuances. To open fast food outlets necessarily obtaining permission from the sanitary-epidemiological service. Solve issues with water supply, Sewerage, electricity, heating, security.
Purchase the necessary equipment, utensils, and equipment for the preparation of food and drinks. Hire sales staff, take care of their professionalism and hygiene. Guide detailed instructions on how to use equipment. For example, on the hygiene standards of raw meat and fresh vegetables must be cut at different tables. Monitor the implementation of such requirements.
Try to make a menu that is different from the same. Take about 60% of the range for familiar dishes. Many customers are quite conservative and any institution expect to find, for example, a Caesar salad and a latte.
And in the remaining part of the menu, introduce new dishes that are not yet in great demand. For example, pizza in cups of dough or vegetarian sandwiches. Monitor sales on these items. Perhaps they would later become hits of your cafe.
Build the logistics system of your business. Decide with the suppliers delivery products, changes of staff, way of cooking and waste disposal. This will help your fast food to function well and smoothly.
You can pay a minimum of money on advertising and promotion. If your mini-cafe located in the passage location, and so it will be in demand. In this case the quality of food is worth paying close attention. If the usual Burger will be made for you from fresh and natural ingredients and are extremely tasty, you will soon get regular customers. They will tell about you to their friends, thereby increasing the number of buyers.