You will need
  • 1. Certificate of sole proprietorship
  • 2. Registered with the tax authorities the cash register
  • 3. The room is decorated in accordance with the corporate style
  • 4. Set of the trading equipment
  • 5. Agreements with several suppliers of beer
  • 6. Sales staff (2-3 persons)
Find a room and make it the owner of the contract on long-term leases (usually of five years). For high-end beer store location near metro station or market is not very good solution, much better – on a busy street in the city centre, next to other prestigious shops. Spend some money on quality cosmetic repair in the future sales area of the store.
Come up with a name and contact the designer professionals for assistance in the development of corporate style of the beer store, which has every chance in future to become in network. Use it to create signs and clearance sales area, the production of components which you can order advertising Agency. Good will also arrange for sales staff store clothing with the brand logo.
Buy a set of commercial equipment and furniture required for the sale of beer. You will need a cooler, a portable cooler and heater, which has a defoamer. Not do without refrigerated counter, scales, shelving, and additional refrigeration equipment for storage related to the sale of beer products (shrimp, smoked fish).
Sign a contract with several suppliers of beer (both manufacturers and importers as draught and bottle), to be able to provide in its the beer store all possible product range. Range the beer boutiqueand should be as intense and include the largest possible number of varieties of beer, including nonalcoholic.
Way to work in the store two or three people who will serve the sales floor. If you are not planning to work in the store yourself, you will need a hired Manager. Bookkeeping can be charged to the incoming specialist, or to do accounting of the funds themselves.