First need to find out whether the code whose value you need to find out an error code. The codes are numbered from 100 to 399 in the server responses are not error messages, and range from 400 to 599 are allocated to inform the browser about the problems encountered while trying to fulfill his request. If you are interested in a number greater than 399, then it is really error code. They are divided into two groups, each of which is allotted 100 rooms.
If the desired number belongs to the range of 500 to 599, then it indicates one of the following errors server:
500 Internal Server Error - this code means that when the request was an internal failure of the server software.
501 Not Implemented - the server cannot identify the request method, either the requested function is not supported.
502 Bad Gateway - the failure occurred not in the storage location of the requested file, and the hardware routing.
503 Service Unavailable - at the time of the request one or more services of the server.
504 Gateway Timeout - the timeout allocated to the server used as a routing gateway.
505 HTTP Version Not Supported specified in the request HTTP version is not supported by this server.
Other codes error:
400 Bad Request - error in query browser.
401 Unauthorized - the user is not authorized to access the requested file.
402 Payment Required - this error code is currently not used.
403 Forbidden - for some reason the server cannot fulfill the request.
404 Not Found - the requested resource is not at the specified address.
405 Method Not Allowed for the requested resource the method specified in the request, is not provided.
406 Not Acceptable - the query browser there are no objects that the server can coordinate with your answer.
407 Proxy Authentication Required - requires user authorization using a proxy to access the requested resource.
408 Request Timeout - the browser request did not meet the allotted time.
409 Conflict - there is a conflict between the request and the current status of the required browser resource.
410 Gone - the requested resource is deleted permanently.
411 Length Required - in the header part of the request does not specify the size of partition Content-Length, but the server requires that this resource is mandatory.
412 Precondition Failed - the request specified a partition size that exceeds the allowable settings of the server.
413 Request Entity Too Large request is too large and therefore not processed by the server.
414 Request-URI Too Long - the length of the address specified in the request exceeds the maximum allowed.
415 Unsupported Media Type - the format of the object specified in the request is not supported by the server.
416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable – specified in the range request can not be accepted to execution by the server.
417 Expectation Failed - timed out waiting.