To treat diarrhea child to years not necessarily. Under 12 months is important not the frequency of emptying and not the color of feces, and most importantly, to avoid impurities in the form of mucus and blood. If a baby has observed these symptoms and the stool is very liquid, then the first thing you should do is replenish the loss of liquid fluids – fresh water or special mixtures with glucose and minerals.
Diarrhea in a young child occurs from the slightest breach of the usual diet. With breastfeeding we are talking about the power of the mother. It is important to find out what does the kid's body, and thus to exclude these products from the diet.
The baby may not tolerate certain foods. Nowadays it is quite common. Among the unbearable products cereal gluten – wheat, rice or oats, and cow's milk. Kiddies, do not assimilate cow's milk, perfect goat. Also now available is lactose-free dairy products.
Diarrhea in a toddler can be a serious pathology requiring medical intervention. For example, appendicitis or intussusception of the intestine. In any case it is not necessary to treat diarrhea child to years, if increased body temperature and the baby can feel pain. Sometimes the pain are cramping in nature. To seek medical attention immediately.
Diarrhea and frequent emptying may be due to intestinal infection. It occurs because of the violation of the microflora of viruses and bacteria. In this category include food poisoning, in the use of not fresh products. Immature enzyme apparatus of the pancreas has errors in the work. Disorder of the baby occur frequently. If this is not a serious infection, and this will determine the only a specialist should not generally treat. After all, diarrhea is a protective reaction of the organism, such the same as vomiting. The treatment affects only the symptoms that accompany diarrhea. Let's drink plenty of liquids, if ascended a slight temperature, give antipyretic suspension. A couple of days the intestines and stomach crumbs to return to their normal working state.
If your child was diagnosed – a dysbacteriosis, and in all cases when the violation of the chair, will be useful bifidobaktery and food products containing bifidobacteria, the extra clearly will not.