You will need
  • 1. garden hose, fan
  • 2. plastic bottles, fan
  • 3. Radiator, hoses, fan
One type of homemade conditioners you'll need garden hose or thin copper pipe and a powerful fan. On the protective grille of the fan will strengthen the hose, positioning it in a spiral and leaving a small distance between the turns of the hose.
One end of the hose attach to the faucet, and the second dip in the tub. At the same time turn the fan and cold water under great pressure.
Also you can produce air conditioning for a small space using plastic bottles. In a plastic or glass bottle type cold water and put them overnight in the freezer to make water freeze. On a flat surface in front of the fan install all the bottles at a small distance from each other.
Another way to make air is to use a small car radiator with electric fan. Connect to the two rubber radiator hose for supply and outflow of water.
Place the cooler on a level surface in an upright position and using the network adapter on 12 volts, connect the fan to power mains. The radiator with a hose, run the water on low pressure.
To the air conditioning worked better, do not overload the hoses too much water pressure. If you decide to use bottle conditioning, add water before freezing a small amount of salt – salt water melts slowly.