Basic rules for installation

Domestic split air conditioning system consist of outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit is a condenser and the internal evaporator, and both of them are connected by a trunk from the tubes and control wires. Through the tubes of a highway circulating the freon (refrigerant). When selecting a location for installing the outdoor unit, consider its weight, design and material of the wall to which it will attach, access to the unit, the possibility of protecting it from weather effects and even the side of light.

When choosing the power conditioner must also take into account the total heat in a residential home or apartment.

According to the installation regulations before installation of the outdoor unit, ensure that the wall has sufficient strength to withstand its weight (from 10 to 60 pounds in the most powerful systems). Brackets, fasteners, dowel screws and wall material must have at least a two-fold prochnostnye stock. Modern homes exterior wall often covers a layer of insulation – brackets need to attach to him, but only to the wall. If the building has a ventilated facade, the outdoor unit may create additional noise at contact with him, so the recommended installation is to use a special damper seals.

The installation location

The outdoor unit must be installed horizontally and straight in all planes, so that the circulation of the refrigerant was fine. Ideal for installation of the capacitor is place under a canopy or balcony where it will be easily blown by a wind. If the apartment is located on the upper floors of a residential building, the outdoor unit can be installed on the roof.

According to the rules, when installed on the roof line length should not be more than 10-15 meters, so the system was not large losses of cold.

Drain water from the outdoor unit of the air conditioner should be arranged so that condensate does not drip on passers-by. According to the rules, the withdrawal of water through the drainage tube must be carried out the drain. So on hot days the outdoor unit was well exposed and do not fail due to overheating, it must be installed at a distance of at least 10 centimeters from the wall. In order to avoid injuries and accidents, the installation of the outdoor unit should be performed only by workers with special equipment, or industrial climbers.