Advice 1: How to put the air conditioner on VAZ

Most Russians drive cars VAZ. They are practical and low maintenance. However, only recently picking some recent models have begun to install air conditioning. But such models have a much higher price. What to do if you have the model VAZ without air conditioning? To install it on their own.
How to put the air conditioner on VAZ
You will need
  • Set for installation of air conditioning, garage, lighting, tools.
For a start, consider the installation of air conditioning in your car. The fact that the installed air-conditioning consumes a lot of energy from the alternator of your car. Consumes capacity of the engine, and our cars do not differ by the presence engine with a large capacity. So consider whether or not to spend money on buying the kit to install the air conditioner? After all, he's no additional improvements it can easily incapacitate your car.
If you are determined to enrich the equipment in your vehicle the air conditioning, you should choose a kit to install it. In such a set usually includes the air conditioning and all the extra parts. Currently on the shelves of auto shops you will be able to find a wide range of such sets. Do not install the air conditioner from another brand of car, as in this case, you will have to spend a lot of self-improvements. And in such sets is everything needed to install without major alterations. That is, you do not need cooking or to alter the body.
Select the location where you will install. Better to find a garage with good lighting. Also you need the tool and additional handheld lamp to illuminate hard to reach places. Set the Parking brake and remove the negative battery terminal.You will also need to dismantle the car dashboard and steering wheel.
Carefully read the instructions for installing the air conditioner. It described in detail the entire installation process. Installation start mount the compressor, cooling the freon and fan. A standard oven will have to cut to install a fan for cooling the radiator. Connect all ducts, the radiator and the air conditioning tubes through which passes the flow of air. Connect everything to the power supply. When you do this, be sure to use fuses. Find a place for the power button of the air conditioner. To control the temperature of the air flow you can use the standard levers. Check tightness of all air ducting. Collect all and make the first switch.
Useful advice
Proceed with the installation only if you are confident in your abilities.

Advice 2 : How to install the air conditioner on VAZ

In hot summer the owners of domestic cars dream about one. About the air conditioning, to cool the interior of the car. If Kalina and priors to supply air conditioning without any problems, then with the classic and the eighth family will be a little difficult.
The compressor of the air conditioner on VAZ-2114
Enjoy the coolness is not possible in every domestic car. But to install air conditioning on the classics or nine is quite real. Now we have to find a conditioner with a suitable vehicle. You will feel a significant power drop when the compressor starts up. But if you are a supporter of convenience, not speed, then it will not pay attention. It would be better if you do overhaul the engine before installing the air conditioner.

If the engine has high mileage, extra load it will be not very good. Also nice would be if the fuel injection system is the injector. This allows you to configure the electronic control unit so that the minimum fuel consumption and maximum engine power. For automobiles, the perfect conditioning with the small and midget cars of foreign production.

The composition of the air-conditioning system

The basis of conditioning is the compressor, which is driven by the timing belt or alternator. Method of actuator depends on the specific car model. Radiator (condenser), installed in the front of the car designed to cool the refrigerant. And in the cabin installed a radiator in which the refrigerant is in a cold state. If more precisely to speak, the radiator takes heat from the surrounding air. Copper tubes that connect the nodes of the conditioning for the circulation of refrigerant.

The four-way valve must be installed if winter is going to use the air conditioner as a heater. It changes the direction of movement of the refrigerant. And, of course, the fans on the radiators. In the cabin the blower motor distributes the cooled air and the condenser is a more effective cooling of the refrigerant due to the installed fan. The compressor has an electromagnetic clutch. The pulley constantly spinning, and the compressor rotor are connected with this clutch when you turn on the air conditioner.

What you need to do to put the air conditioner on VAZ?

First, you should change a little the power supply system. The generator, which is installed by default, now turns out to be too weak. It is necessary that he gave to 10 Amp more. At the very least. Otherwise there will be enough charging the battery, the engine operation will be unstable. Second, the alternator drive belt should also be changed. The most appropriate option will be the use of the generator VAZ-2110 nines and classics. Accordingly, the belt drive also with this car. You only need to use a strap with more length.

And it is desirable to use a special idler pulley. At cars VAZ-2108 and VAZ-2114, will not have problems with the installation of a radiator in the cabin. Beard (middle panel) allows you to mount the radiator and fans under the bar tape. The classical places not so much, so the best place to install the radiator is a shelf under the glove box. In the process of operation, however, the passenger in the front seat will be very cold. But don't forget about condensation, which can cause rotting of the body. To drain it must.
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