You will need
  • Set for installation of air conditioning, garage, lighting, tools.
For a start, consider the installation of air conditioning in your car. The fact that the installed air-conditioning consumes a lot of energy from the alternator of your car. Consumes capacity of the engine, and our cars do not differ by the presence engine with a large capacity. So consider whether or not to spend money on buying the kit to install the air conditioner? After all, he's no additional improvements it can easily incapacitate your car.
If you are determined to enrich the equipment in your vehicle the air conditioning, you should choose a kit to install it. In such a set usually includes the air conditioning and all the extra parts. Currently on the shelves of auto shops you will be able to find a wide range of such sets. Do not install the air conditioner from another brand of car, as in this case, you will have to spend a lot of self-improvements. And in such sets is everything needed to install without major alterations. That is, you do not need cooking or to alter the body.
Select the location where you will install. Better to find a garage with good lighting. Also you need the tool and additional handheld lamp to illuminate hard to reach places. Set the Parking brake and remove the negative battery terminal.You will also need to dismantle the car dashboard and steering wheel.
Carefully read the instructions for installing the air conditioner. It described in detail the entire installation process. Installation start mount the compressor, cooling the freon and fan. A standard oven will have to cut to install a fan for cooling the radiator. Connect all ducts, the radiator and the air conditioning tubes through which passes the flow of air. Connect everything to the power supply. When you do this, be sure to use fuses. Find a place for the power button of the air conditioner. To control the temperature of the air flow you can use the standard levers. Check tightness of all air ducting. Collect all and make the first switch.